What Australian Christians Can Learn From The Persecuted Church

By Tim Reid | Open Doors

Above: A congregation of determined believers in Nigeria holds a church service in the open air, in front of what was once their church, now destroyed.

“We [celebrate Easter] knowing that at any time a suicide bomber can come and disrupt our service, our worship, our praying. Then I think: Will it really be disrupted or will I be sent into the fullness of worship?” Read more

feeling down

How Jesus Sees You When You’re Down

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

How does Jesus see you when you’re down? You know how you see yourself: as alone, worthless, unloved and unlovable, and basically as a failure. But the important thing is not how you see yourself, but how Jesus sees you. Because if you can allow how Jesus sees you to become your reality, then you can get through anything! Read more


Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect with God

By: Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family explore reasons why some millennials are walking away from their Christian faith, and what parents can do to help them reconnect with Jesus. Tune in for hope and encouragement for parents who have regrets about being poor role-models for their kids. Read more


The God Conversations of Christmas: What If Joseph Had Dismissed His Dream as Just the Spicy Pizza?”

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

Have you noticed that God does a lot of talking at Christmas time? The first God-conversation with Mary was the one that started it all (Luke 1:26-33).

But then God spoke a second time – to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-21), then a third time to the wise men (Matthew 2:12) and a fourth (Matthew 2:19-21) and fifth time to Joseph (Matthew 2:22). He also spoke to Elizabeth, Anna and Simeon. God speaks repeatedly throughout the Christmas story. Read more

mr eternity

The Fascinating Life of Mr Eternity

By: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

Eternity. It’s a word that has captivated the people of Sydney and beyond since it mysteriously started appearing in yellow chalk on Sydney’s footpaths in the 1930s. Read more


Is God Answering My Prayers?

By: Laura Bennett

Fundamental to our relationship with God, is prayer: a shared conversation between He and us, where we tell Him our desires (read: vent) and He listens, responding with comfort, revelation, and sometimes it seems – silence.

Prayer is a connection to the divine, and a universal way to request help, or offer thanks to ‘the Big Guy’. Read more

pear shaped

Attack of the Pear

By: Laura Bennett

Pear /pɛː/ noun A green, spotty, funny-shaped fruit that doesn’t taste good unless combined with walnuts and balsamic vinegar.

Pear-shaped / adjective Lumpy, bottom-heavy, kinda weird, not ideal.

Sometimes life goes truly pear-shaped. Read more

dirt cup

The Gift and the Dirt Cup

By: Duncan Robinson

Imagine that you walk through life carrying two things in your hands. In one hand is a gift, perfectly wrapped and finished with a bow. The wrapping paper is ornate and intricate. The precision in which it has been wrapped makes it simply marvelous to look at. Read more


Growing Closer Through Family Devotions

By: Focus On The Family

When you think about “family devotions,” it may strike fear in you.

Here is some practical help and encouragement to gather at dinner time and dialogue with your kids about spiritual matters.  Read more