imperfect marriage

Embracing an Imperfect Marriage

By: Focus On The Family

Mark and Jill Savage open up about their own imperfect marriage — how they’ve tried to change each other, struggled with emotional intimacy, and needed counseling to work through their conflict. Read more


Understanding Singleness in God’s Family

By: Focus On The Family

In society today, do we send unintentional messages to single people that they are somehow inferior? Are there ways that communities – and churches in particular – can be more inclusive and supportive of singles? Read more

Love and Communication: 11 Expert Tips for a Better Marriage

Author: Focus On The Family

On the school playground, you probably gave your sweetheart a paper heart with “I like u a LOT” painstakingly scribbled on it in your favourite crayon colour. Since then, you’ve come a long way in terms of communicating your love to your spouse. But even the best marriage can benefit from a little spark. We chatted with relationship experts and life coaches for easy, practical tips on enhancing communication within a marriage, as well as special ways to express your love. Read more


When a Loved One is Struggling With Addiction

By: Focus On The Family

All people have the potential to be mastered by a life-controlling problem and pulled into the downward spiral of an addiction.

In this podcast we discuss what can be done if someone you know may be struggling with an addiction. Our guest is Malcolm Smith, the founder of the Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Centre in Western Australia. Read more


Giving Your Preschooler a Good Foundation

By: Focus On The Family

Parents of preschoolers can put themselves under a whole lot of pressure, barking out orders and trying to juggle everything under the sun, with the hope their children will turn out right.

But there’s a better way. Tim Sanford offers some simple advice about giving your children a choice and a voice to help them prepare for the future. Read more

fresh start

The Gift of a Fresh Start

By: Sam Doerksen | Focus On The Family

When you create a fresh start or begin a new routine, do you like to be in control of when and how it happens? Or would you prefer being forced to change due to some outside pressure? Read more


Helping Your Millennial Child Reconnect with God

By: Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family explore reasons why some millennials are walking away from their Christian faith, and what parents can do to help them reconnect with Jesus. Tune in for hope and encouragement for parents who have regrets about being poor role-models for their kids. Read more


Helping Your Son Become a Man

By: Focus On The Family

Darren Lewis is a father of four boys and the founder of “Fathering Adventures”.

Darren discusses how a father can best help his son transition into manhood… in a healthy way. He also shares some of the benefits of celebrating a “rite of passage” ceremony. Read more


Giving Your Marriage a Second Chance

By: Focus On The Family

Have you ever thought about walking away from your marriage?

Listen to one woman’s dramatic story of leaving her husband to find “Mr. Right” — and finding God in the process! Discover how the Lord can bring you healing and reconciliation, even after the worst mistake in your life. Read more