Is Loyalty Dead? Family Life in an Unfaithful World

By: Rachel Doherty

Loyalty seems a discarded value in the 21st century world. But what if it’s essential to good family functioning and effective parenting? Read more

Can Superheros Help Our Real World?

By: Anne Rinaudo

Can superheroes teach us some important lessons about how to respond to a crisis? That’s the question Katie Cox, PhD candidate at the Australian National University (ANU), is examining. Her doctoral project investigates the influence of national security in Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’ and its sequels. Read more

10 Community Service Projects Perfect for Introverts

By: Brittany Ann

If you aren’t currently volunteering or helping out in your community in some way–what’s stopping you?

While lack of money and lack of time are two of the biggest reasons people commonly give why they don’t volunteer, there is another important, but often overlooked, reason that sometimes holds people back: They are introverts. Read more

World First – Dementia, Sleep Apnoea Linked

By: Anne Rinaudo

Obstructive sleep apnoea has been linked to structural brain changes seen in the early stages of dementia, University of Sydney research reveals. Read more

Trust God and Not a Parenting Formula

By: Dr. Julianna Slattery

Thou shalt make your children eat broccoli. Thou shalt not give your child an unsterilised dummy. Thou shalt let your teen sleep in on Saturdays. I’ve searched the Bible from cover to cover and never found specific parenting advice like this. Read more