Good Advice… Bad Jokes… Our Favourite Movie Dads of All Time

By Movies Change People

Dads – they love us, defend us, tickle us, protect us and are always ready with the most cringe-worthy jokes. Read more

Yvonne Griese – A Cross in Time: Where Does Our Faith Come From?

By: Laura Bennett

There’s a lot of conflicting emotions when your own habits start to remind you of your parents’. The horror of turning into an adult like them mixes with a sense of pride in the strength of your DNA. It’s excitingly tribal and depressing all at the same time. Read more

Faith Shines Through in Dry Times: Christian Farmers Take a Hopeful Outlook

By: Katrina Roe

While Aussie farmers are struggling under the drought, it seems many Christian farmers are finding comfort in their faith. Read more

Faith Sharing Tip: Bring Church out of the Building

By: Morag Paton

Have you ever got stuck thinking that you need to bring people to church for them to hear about Jesus? While church is a great place to gather, it’s important that we don’t let the mindset creep in that people need to come to church to get to know Jesus. Read more

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