‘Lego Masters’ “Brickman” Still Loves Getting Lego for Christmas

By: Steff Willis

Ryan McNaught has what most people would consider to be a dream job.
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‘Self-Care is Vital in the Unrelenting News Cycle’

By: Laura Bennett

Whatever your diet of news consumption was before the pandemic, it’s likely in the last three years you’ve watched more updates, press conferences, and alerts about natural disasters and world events than in previous ones. Read more

Helen Smallbone, ‘Mum’ to 3 Grammy Winners – Releases Her Memoir

By: Jess Drummond

Helen Smallbone has had a remarkable life, marked by leaps of faith, family adventures, internationally-renowned music, and travels spanning many kilometres. Read more

How Schools are Designing Classrooms for the Future

By: Michael McQueen

The 20th century model of learning has well and truly had its day. Time spent memorising, cramming, and silently listening to teachers lecturing is wasted in an age of accessible information and collaboration.  Read more

Jesus Takes the Worry Out of Worship

By: Stephen McAlpine

I’ve taken the opportunity during an extended, and gloriously sunny, beachside holiday to plough through the Pentateuch.

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8 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed Online or Over the Phone

By: Ally Barnes 

Multiple fake Facebook profiles using images of a breakfast radio duos across the country were set up recently, in an attempt to scam radio audiences. Read more

What Are You Worth? A Different View

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

What are you worth? There are many wrong ideas about Christianity. One of them is that for Christians, being humble means being realising that you are sinful, evil, and totally worthless.
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The Metaverse Will Mean More to Gen Alpha Than Any Other Generation

By: McCrindle

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the arrival of ‘Meta’ – a parent company that will house the stable of products and companies owned by the tech giant to allow autonomy between each product under a larger, purposeful banner. Read more

Parties and Alcohol – Do Parents Have Any Influence on Teens?

By: Collett Smart

Festivities can be so much fun, and parties provide opportunities for socialising and a little freedom for older teens. Read more

Back to the Future – Sales of Vinyl Overtake the CD

By: Justin Rouillon

The Australian recorded music industry hit a 15-year high in 2021 according to a recent report from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).
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