aesthetic artisan group

When Beauty Treatments Become About Life Calling

By: Laura Bennett

Tucked away in a quite alley of a busy Australian city is Aesthetic Artisan Group: a sweet-scented haven for salon-weary clients who seek respite from the impersonal care and rushed pace so many beauty outlets offer.

Walking off the street and into its modernised French provincial setting there’s no hairdryers buzzing or heels hitting floorboards, it’s calm and welcoming. Read more

what's the point

What’s the Point?

By: Elaine Fraser

What if money was no object? What would you do? Read more


The 7 Tests of True Mastery

By: Michael McQueen

It appears we have never had so many experts roaming the planet than in our modern age.

As I trawl through the LinkedIn profiles of my contacts, everyone it seems is a ‘specialist’, ‘sought-after authority’ or ‘expert’ at something – some even manage to specialise in pretty much everything! Read more


The Vocabulary of the Persuasive Leader

By: Michael McQueen

In the mid-1800s, vast tracts of land in central Australia were granted to immigrants who had, in many cases, just arrived from Europe. These farmers and pastoralists found themselves with a challenge – they were now in control of expanses of land that were, in some cases, almost as large as the countries they had just come from. Read more

friction in business

Focusing on Friction

By: Michael McQueen

Innovation is often thought of in terms of creation and invention – coming up with new ideas and new solutions. However, working with clients in recent months I have discovered that often the most powerful forms of innovation are more subtle. Read more

open-plan offices

Why Open-Plan Offices Aren't Working – and What to Do About It

By: Michael McQueen

Recent decades have seen scores of offices embrace an open-plan format – as many as 70% of all workplaces.

The rationale for doing away with doors and walls was clear: by bringing down the barriers that divided us, greater collaboration, communication and cohesion would result. In addition, a more flexible and fluid office layout would suit an increasingly mobile and transient workplace.

Or so we thought. Read more

working from home

Getting Into the Zone When Working from Home

By: Michael McQueen

We all know the feeling of being in a rut when motivation eludes us and the gravity of inertia feels too great to shrug off. There’s a pile of work to do but you can’t seem to summon the energy or will to get off and go. Read more


3 Reasons You Procrastinate (And How to Stop)

By: Michael McQueen

What are you putting off right now? Vacuuming the house, walking the dog, going to the gym? Maybe it’s making those phone calls, tackling your inbox or submitting the job application you’ve been ‘working on’ for 3 weeks? Read more

angry teachers

A Teacher's Survival Guide to Dealing with Parents

By: Michael McQueen

Once upon a time, it was a student who got nervous in the lead-up to parent-teacher interviews. Nowadays, the person often getting most anxious is the teacher! Read more

career fulfilment

Seeking Fulfilment Through Your Career? Try This Instead

By: Sheridan Voysey

What a gift it is to do work you love. To get paid for using your talents and abilities. To not just earn a living but contribute something necessary to society. When we spend so much of our lives at our workplace, it only makes sense that we find a career that’s fulfilling. Read more