Research Shows Men Need to Talk More About Their Mental Health

By: 98five

Research has shown that men aren’t speaking up enough about their mental health, leading them to seek out unhealthy coping mechanisms. Read more

Singer Nightbirde, from America’s Got Talent, has Passed Away

By: 98five

As the glowing and smiley 30-year-old strolled on stage you would have never guessed that the last few years of her life have been gripped by a battle with cancer. It wasn’t until Jane Marczewski, AKA Nightbirde, announced she was performing an original song on America’s Got Talent and Judge Howie Mandel asked what inspired the song, did we hear her story.
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Do You Have O+ or A+ Blood? Other Aussies Desperately Need Your Help!

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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has issued an urgent appeal for 16,000 additional people to give blood or plasma during the next two weeks. Read more

You Can’t See Black In The Dark: New Music from Scott Darlow

Above: Scott Darlow’s cover art for You Can’t See Black in the Dark | Facebook

By: 98five

Scott Darlow made headlines around the country back in 2018 when his band The Droughtbreakers released Rain, a hit single written to raise money for the Buy-A-Bale scheme to help drought-stricken Aussie farmers. Read more

The Internet is Losing It’s Mind Over This Banana Caramilk Cake Recipe

By: 96five

It seems like just about everyone has taken up baking as a hobby since the start of COVID. Read more

Australia is the World Record Holder of the Largest Christmas Light Display!

By: Rachel Murphy

Christmas seems like such a long time away, but we’re officially in the second half of 2020! As we wonder what the rest of the year will look like and how different the next festive season could be, we thought we’d give you a nice healthy dose of festive spirit! Read more

24 Things to do Outdoors in Winter

By: 98five

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! And with COVID-19 restrictions lifting, we’re able to get back outdoors and play! Get dressed in your winter woollies, grab your family and friends and get outside with these 24 fun activities for the wet and windy weather. Read more

Grieving the Loss of Routine

By: Jodii Maguire

Within a matter of weeks, your world has most likely gone from a stable and predictable routine, to being turned on its head. Thanks to Coronavirus, we now work from home, leave the house only for food and exercise, socially distance from loved ones, and homeschool our kids. Read more

Boy Writes His Mum a Note After Missing the School Bus

By: Rachel Murphy

Funny faces, quirky mannerisms and random opinions are all sources of quality entertainment when they come from kids. But this little guy’s note to his mum after missing the school bus has left us more impressed than anything else.

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Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Review

Above: Mackenzie Foy as Clara. Image credit – Walt Disney Pictures

By: Simone Cathryn

Rated: PG (Would not recommend for children under 8 years old)

For me, just the word ‘Nutcracker’ evokes images of a magical world full of impossible things becoming possible. It conjures scenes of beautiful glittering trees, perfectly crafted vintage toys and the scary Mouse King through my mind. Read more