Finding Glimmers of Hope in the Trenches of Motherhood

By: Annette Spurr

Every mother, if she’s honest, will tell you that motherhood is both their greatest honour and hardest struggle. Read more

How To See God Everywhere – in the Small, Simple Things

By: Annette Spurr

Recently, I interviewed a young man who had been struggling with addiction since the age of 12. He had completed a program at a Christian rehab centre and while he was there, he encountered Jesus.  Read more

Moving Beyond Resilience to Steadfastness in the Face of Life’s Most Difficult Storms

By: Annette Spurr

The term ‘resilience’ commonly refers to accepting a new reality caused by adversity, and to harness mental, emotional, and psychological resources to recover from sources of stress. Read more

Teaching Our Kids to Be Thankful in Everything

By: Annette Spurr

Last school holidays were like none other for many parents around the world. Camping trips and day trips were cancelled, playdates were off, and there wasn’t even sport on TV! Read more

Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis Speaks Out Regarding NSW’s New Abortion Bill

By: Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis

Just weeks after arriving in Australia, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios Griniezakis Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia has issued a Statement regarding NSW’s radical new abortion Bill.
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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

By: Annette Spurr

Carolann’s life began on the devastated, post World War II streets of London, when Londoners still shook with fear at every loud noise, believing that war could reignite at any given moment.
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Give Thanks… in Everything?

By: Annette Spurr

Give thanks in everything (1 Thessalonians 8:13). Everything? Even the bad things? That seems completely unrealistic and unfair. That’s what I thought, anyway… Until a near tragedy changed everything. Read more

Echoes in Eternity

By: Yvonne Griese

“What we do in life, echoes in eternity” – Gladiator. It’s one of the greatest and most profound movie quotes of all time.

It’s also true that what we do in life, echoes through generations and into their eternity. Read more

australia day

Shining a Light on Australia’s Dark Past

By: Annette Spurr

Australia Day (January 26) has become the most controversial date on the nation’s calendar, with Indigenous Australians renaming it ‘Invasion Day,’ amidst calls for the date to be changed altogether. Read more