How Disney’s Teamwork Pushes Them Into the Unknown

By: Michael McQueen

Over my years of working in the business world around ideas of innovation and leadership, one lesson I have learned is that there is a lesson to be learned in most places. I must admit though, when I sat down to watch Frozen 2 with my son, I did not expect it to be one of these places. Read more

7 Ways to Multiply Your Business

By: Alex Cook

If you’re in business, you want it to do well right? I love to see businesses grow, but better still I prefer to see them multiply! Read more

15 Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow Immediately

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash.

By: Alex Cook

Handy Hints to improve Cash Flow

There are many ways you can improve your cash flow. For this to work it needs to be as ‘automated’ and ‘systemised’ as possible. Furthermore key people in the organisation must ‘own’ their role in improving cash flow. It needs to be a clear responsibility of the relevant people within your business. Read more

3 Keys to Asking Better Questions

By: Michael McQueen

I’m sure we have all at some point felt the effects of bad conversation. Awkwardness, offence, miscommunication are all rooted in conversations that didn’t achieve what they were supposed to. Read more

Why We Should Rethink the 3 ‘r’s of Education

By: Michael McQueen

Readin, writin’ and ‘rithmetic… I’m sure that if many of us Gen X and older were to return to our schooling days it may have resembled something like this. For generations, education has involved the rote learning of dates, formulas and quotes which are forgotten as soon as they are assessed. Read more

From Isolation to Innovation: The Unparalleled Power of a Scattered Team

By: Michael McQueen

If this time has offered any opportunity to us, it is the radical breaking of convention that businesses, brands and individuals have had to respond and adapt to. Read more

Rolling With It: How Positive Language and Mindset Can Help You or Your Business Adapt to Change

By: Kerin Jarvis

Whether you’re dealing with a change in personal circumstances, or the disruption of this global pandemic, the language and attitude we adopt will help us to determine what happens next. Read more

Businesses Should Beware of Becoming a Crisis Chameleon and Straying Too Far from Their Brand Identity

By: Michael McQueen

While a crisis provides a unique opportunity to recalibrate and rediscover the unchanging DNA that makes up your business, it is also worth examining the possibilities and perils of significantly changing your business in the face of crisis and straying too far from your brand identity. Read more

How Businesses Can Recalibrate in a Crisis

By: Michael McQueen

In the last few weeks, it has seemed that every day has brought yet another piece of bad news, pushing the world deeper and deeper into crisis mode. With more and more job losses, confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection and uncertainties arising, it is difficult to see the opportunities being offered by a crisis like this. Read more