Raw Layered Chocolate Squares

By: Susan Joy

This amazing delicious raw chocolate slice has a crunchy base with a creamy chocolate mousse filling and is topped with chocolate. Read more

Chocolate Mint Slice

By: Susan Joy

This recipe is the perfect After Dinner Mint Slice. These healthy raw chocolate mint slices are packed with flavour and contain heaps of nutrients. Read more

Healthy Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

By: Susan Joy

These fudgy chocolate brownies have a lovely soft centre and are the perfect healthy paleo treat. They are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. Read more

Chocolate Marshmallow Slice Recipe

By: Susan Joy

This delicious no bake, nut-free slice is perfect for kids or adult parties. It has a chocolate-coconut base that sets firm in the fridge with a soft vanilla marshmallow topping. It’s hard to stop at one slice though. Read more

The Founder of Cadbury Was a Social Activist

By: Annie Hamilton

If you’ve ever travelled to the Cadbury factory in Claremont, Tasmania – or to Bourneville in the UK, you may know a little of their remarkable history. Read more

Rich Chocolate Mousse

By: Susan Joy

Delightfully rich and chocolatey and has my three favourite foods all in this one recipe, avocado, chocolate and dates. A quick and easy dessert for busy people. Read more

10 Ideas for Your Leftover Easter Chocolate

By Kim Wilkinson

Yes, at this time of year, there is such a thing as ‘leftover chocolate’.

After the Easter celebrations die down and you simply can’t eat another egg, here are some ways to reduce all that chocolate from your precious cupboard space. Read more


A Theology of Chocolate – How Our Twisted Ideas Turned God into a Killjoy

By: Tania Harris

Magnums are one of my all-time favourite ice-creams. I love the smooth Belgian chocolate and the rich ice-cream inside. But some years ago, Magnum launched a new marketing campaign, labelling each of their ice-creams with one of the seven deadly sins. Read more

Strawberry Creme Easter Eggs

Strawberry Creme Easter Eggs

By: Susan Joy

It’s not always easy to find healthy chocolate treats for our children at Easter time. The delicious strawberry filling in these Chocolate Strawberry Creme Eggs will delight their taste buds and I’m sure yours too! My grandson keeps asking for more. Read more

easter marshmallows

Chocolate Coated Easter Marshmallows

By: Susan Joy

I’m thinking you want healthy treat options for your family this Easter. There’s no need to miss out on Easter traditions when healthy marshmallow bunnies and chickens can be made with additive free ingredients and coated in homemade or dairy-free organic chocolate. This recipe is vanilla flavoured, see my Pink Marshmallow recipe to make both colours. Read more