Radical Love Helps ‘Shazam!’ Actor Zachary Levi Overcome History of Trauma

By: Laura Bennett

How do you think the world would change if loving others was the undercurrent of our conversations and the intention behind all our social interactions? Read more

Father Stu: Movie Review

By: Russ Matthews, Reel Dialogue

With all that we have at our disposal online, an army of amateur sleuths will investigate when the based on a ‘true story’ moniker is put on a film. It does not take too many clicks of the computer before most people can ascertain if an account is accurate or merely dramatised history. Read more

“Was I Good to You?” – US Actor Kevin Quinn Says This Should Be Your Life’s Legacy

By: Laura Bennett

No matter how old we are, at some point in life all of us face the reality of our own mortality and the finite amount of time we have on earth. Maybe it’s morbid but it’s an epiphany that can drastically change how we approach each day, and that has become the backbone of actor and musician Kevin Quinn’s creative endeavours.
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