Forget What Your Customer Thinks… How do They *Feel*?

By: Michael McQueen

Far from being the rationally operating, pragmatic agents we like to believe we are, more often than not our decisions arise from the seat of our emotions. Read more

Business Advice: Is Your Last Impression As Good As Your First?

By: Michael McQueen

We all have our own story of dealing with friction. Hours spent on hold, inefficient systems and arbitrary rules all play a role in making many customer experiences unbearable. The only outcomes of systems such as these are higher costs, confusion and irritation. Read more

Why A Consistent Customer Experience Is The Key To Building Trust

By: Michael McQueen

 “Our trust in technology has rested in a confidence that the technology will do what it’s supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less.”
Read more

friction in business

Focusing on Friction

By: Michael McQueen

Innovation is often thought of in terms of creation and invention – coming up with new ideas and new solutions. However, working with clients in recent months I have discovered that often the most powerful forms of innovation are more subtle. Read more