Dads: How To Stay Connected With Your Kids

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Even When You Don’t Live Together

Research is unequivocal. Dad matters. As long as he is safe towards his family,  the more a dad is present and involved in his children’s lives in a positive way, the better the outcomes for everyone. 

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Hey ABC: Church Dads Have Been “Woke” For Years

By: Stephen McAlpine

So Aussie dads are getting “woke”. Well, according to an article on the ABC website, they are.

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A Dad who Loved with All His Heart!

By: Jenny Baxter

Rarely do we, as children, consider the protective, all-encompassing love our parents have for us. But one day I saw it happen as my cousin’s sudden death began some unusual activity at our house.

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The 11 Dad Joke Styles, According to ‘How-To-Dad’ Jordan Watson

By: Clare Bruce

How To Dad’s Jordan Watson has nailed the majority of our fathers’ joke-telling styles, in his video, How to Tell Jokes Like a Dad.
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dad goals

Dad Goals: Big, Audacious Dad Goals

By: Duncan Robinson

When I was in my 20’s I had big dreams. I wanted to change the world, write a book, speak to thousands of people, travel the world, get married, ride unicorns and punch Titans. They were all audacious, massive, incredible goals. I wanted to set the bar high, challenge myself at every pass. Read more

Happy Dads Day

Dads Are Awesome – We Have Proof!

Dads teach us more than we often realise. From daggy Dad dancing to helping us raise our own little humans, and all the moments in between. There is no one quite like Dad – he is simply awesome! Read more

Best Tips from Movie Dads

5 of The Best 'Movie Dads' Moments

Author: Movies Change People

Dads – got to love them! And with Father’s Day coming up, the team from Movies Change People are highlighting some of their favourite “movie dads”.

These dads have had us in stitches, made us cry, and taught us some valuable lessons about fatherhood.

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Babies React To Dads Coming Home

Babies Reactions to Their Dads are Super Cute

Babies are extraordinary little humans. Their ability to recognise their parents from very early on is a unique phenomenon. When they see a parent after some time apart the connection is unmistakable.  This beautiful bond is clearly evident in this series of videos. Read more