How Far Is Too Far? | Christian Dating Advice

By: Sabrina Peters

“How far is too far?” That’s one of the most common questions I get asked by Christian teens and young adults alike. They want to know what they can touch, taste and caress (pre-marriage) before God gets mad or they end up feeling bad. Read more

New ‘Dating Becomes Her’ Podcast Stamps Out Stigma Around Christians Dating Online

By: Hope 103.2

How is anyone supposed to meet someone during a once-in-100-year pandemic world? Four Sydney friends decided this was actually the perfect excuse to start online dating and shared why they chose to make their experiences public. Read more

New Christian Dating App Stars HiJosh in Launch

An Australian Christian Comedian has starred in the Launch Video for a New Christian Dating App offering Australian Singles the chance to find love. Read more

When Should Kids Start Dating?

By: Collett Smart

It would be naïve of parents to think their child won’t develop love interests at various times in their high school years. Indeed, belittling our teens for having feelings is the quickest way to ensure they never come to talk to us, about relationships, as they get older. Read more

What Marriage is Really Like

By: Sabrina Peters

Before I was married, I had this picture in my head of what I thought marriage would be. It was a dreamy blend of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Read more

How to Know if He’s Boyfriend Material

By: Sabrina Peters

So you’re into this guy and you you think he’ll make the perfect boyfie, but you’re not sure if you should start dating. Here are 10 questions that will help you figure out if he’s just a crush or has real potential. Read more

10 Don’ts of Christian Dating

By: Sabrina Peters

Relationships can be messy, and love can be complicated. Here are “10 Don’ts of Christian Dating”. They are raw and honest, compiled by the many failings of my own life and the wisdom of a collective group of voices. Read more

Should a Woman Ask a Man Out?

By: Tania Harris

Should a woman ask a man out on a date? I asked this question once to a class full of young and hip ministry students. The overwhelming majority objected without a hiccup. “No. Never!” one guy declared with rock-solid conviction. “That’s such a turnoff!” said another crossing his arms. Read more

What to Say to Your Kids When They’re Going on Their First Date

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Australia doesn’t have much of a dating culture. Our kids aren’t usually asking someone on a date, going out as a couple, and then dating someone different next week.

Read more