When ‘Reloading’ Isn’t an Option: Dealing with Real Life and Decision Paralysis

By: City Bible Forum

It’s really dark, but I’ve done this a hundred times before. I need to know where they are, without them ever finding out I’m here too, skulking in the shadows of an eerily empty street.   Read more

For When Life Isn’t Black and White

By: Jennie Scott

Do you ever wish life could be reduced and simplified, just like our teachers taught us to do with fractions? Take the numbers you see and reduce them until they can’t be reduced any more — 50/100 becomes 1/2, the large and complex becoming small and simple. Read more


To the Parent Without the Right Answers

By: Jennie Scott

Tears streamed down my child’s face, the frustration apparent.

The frustration was clear, but the real issue wasn’t. I couldn’t get to the root of the matter. Was it exhaustion? A misunderstanding? Did something happen at school? What was really going on?

I never figured it out. My questioning and probing did no good with the child sprawled across my bed, so I couldn’t make sense of it.

Which basically summarises being a parent. Read more