What Happens When a Heavy Metal, Meth Addict Meets Jesus?

By: Adam Niven

What happens when you take a heavy metal rock star meth addict to meet Jesus? You get a movie like LOUD KRAZY LOVE Read more

Drug Addicted Youth Recover through God-Centered Mentorship in Africa

By: Laura Bennett

Education around the world is designed to empower our future leaders, and equip young people with the knowledge needed to be thoughtful contributors to society. Read more


Grace That is Greater

By: Focus On The Family

At a very low point in Sally Graham’s life, she felt trapped, and she felt the only way out was to kill her abusive husband.  Read more


A Life Controlled by Drugs – Now Marked By Mercy

Just over 3 million Australians use illicit drugs each year*.

Author: Annette Spurr

The above statistics are disturbing, and so is the reality of living with drug addiction.

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