“Teach Them Early”: An Expert’s Guide to Kids and Money

By: Michael Crooks

Growing up in Gunnedah, NSW, Vanessa Stoykov was taught you had to work hard for your money. Read more

Finding Hope: A Young Man Improving Lives Through Science Textbooks

By: Georgia Free

Corey Tutt lives and breathes his passion for science. A proud Indigenous man, 29-year-old Corey has worked among animals since he was 16 – as a zookeeper, alpaca shearer and an animal technician. He’s also the founder of Deadly Science – an initiative which has seen 16,000 science books sent to remote Indigenous schools across Australia. Read more

Can Racism Be Stopped in the Schoolyard? A New Doco is About to Find Out

By: Sam Robinson

Australia is a diverse country, but how accepting are we of each other? A new ABC documentary series is observing a pilot program designed to change the conversation about race in a south-western Sydney primary school. Read more

“Whole-Of-Life” Approach Needed to Prevent Violence Against Women, Says Report

By: Amy Cheng

Addressing sexual harassment and violence against women should take place over one’s lifespan, a new report has found. Read more

How Augmented Reality Is Becoming an Everyday Reality for Today’s Students

By: Michael McQueen

The importance of technology in education is becoming increasingly undeniable in schools around the globe. Read more

Closing the Gap: Australia’s First Indigenous College Set for Sydney

By: Michael Crooks

Australia’s first Indigenous residential college is on the way. Read more

Deadly Science Helps Remote Kids Wonder About the World Around Them

By: Sam Robinson

Deadly Science is getting science textbooks and equipment into the hands of kids in Indigenous communities. Read more

“Our Mission to Save Children”: New Anti-Abuse Technology

By: Michael Crooks

The former CEO of World Vision Australia has launched a revolutionary venture that better protects children from predators. Read more

Graduate Job Readiness

By: McCrindle

The transition from being a student into the turbulence of the workforce is a significant milestone in a young person’s life. Read more

Why Experience Really Is the Best Teacher for Today’s Students

By: Michael McQueen

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.’[1] We have all heard the adage, so much so that it is often dismissed as a cliché. Read more