The Changing Age of Self-Learning

By: Mark McCrindle

In today’s digital age, self-learning has taken on new dimensions, with different generations turning to diverse platforms to acquire knowledge. Read more

How Teachers Feel About A.I. as a Tool to Enhance Learning

By: Sophie Renton

Technological advancements have undoubtedly contributed to changes in the education sector in the past and will continue to play a role in the future. Read more

The Great Teacher Exodus: Tackling Burnout in the Education Sector

By: McCrindle

Teachers play a vital role in society. They are at the forefront of equipping the next generation with the skills they need to thrive. Read more

Education Has Changed. Here’s How Teachers Can Move With the Tides

By: Michael McQueen

In a world that is becoming more and more futuristic by the minute, there are few places that need our attention as urgently as education. Read more

ChatGPT: What No A-I Hath Seen

By: Stephen McAlpine

The UK TV series HUMANS (the A” is upside down) from a few years ago was a cracking insight into the world of AI, in a near future UK setting. Read more

Unpacking The Parent-Teacher Tensions in the Education System

By: Kristian Johnson 

In his latest Conversations Interview, John Anderson is joined by Professor James Tooley for a fascinating conversation about the role of education in the modern age.

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Want Your Kids to Do Well in School? Send Them to Church First!

By: City Bible Forum

For most of this year, my wife and I have been agonising over whether to send our first born, nearly 4-year-old son, to a public or an independent religious school. Read more

How Schools are Designing Classrooms for the Future

By: Michael McQueen

The 20th century model of learning has well and truly had its day. Time spent memorising, cramming, and silently listening to teachers lecturing is wasted in an age of accessible information and collaboration.  Read more

$1 Billion Upgrade: A Plan for Australia’s Digital Workforce

By: Michael Crooks

Among everything the pandemic has taught the world is the importance of digital technology in everyday life.
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Mum Turns Her Kids’ Questions Into Award-Winning Education Series

By: Laura Bennett

Australia has one of the most unique and beautiful botanical environments in the world. We’re home to species you don’t find anywhere else, and we have a love-hate relationship with the fire that can both feed its renewal and be horribly destructive. Read more