“He Saw Objections as a Cry of The Heart” – Obituary: Ravi Zacharias, Apologist (1946 – 2020)

By: Matthew Fearon

When Ravi Zacharias was a cricket-loving boy on the streets of India, his mother called him in to meet the local sari-seller-turned-palm reader. Read more

Sharing the Gospel to the Very End: Ravi Zacharias Dies, Age 74

By: Clare Bruce

The beloved evangelist and Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has died, aged 74, at his home in Atlanta, USA. Read more

Fear Not

By: yesheis

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but there are voices and opinions that say it’s not cool to talk about it. Whether something is said or merely implied, many Christians end up feeling afraid to tell people about Jesus and stop sharing altogether. Read more

People Need Real Not Expert

By: yesHeis

When you think of talking to friends or acquaintances about Jesus and faith, do you feel burdened by the fear of not having the “right” answers to the questions people may have?
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3 Reasons to Buy Coffee for Strangers

By: yesHeis

Apple, Starbucks and Harley Davidson, each have done everything they can to understand the wants and needs of their customers, while delivering solutions to those needs at interactive and human levels.
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3 Ways to Open the Door to Conversation

By: yesHeis

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had that awkward moment… You feel a really witty comment jump out of your mouth, you expect it to fly through the air to the sound of laughter, instead, it crashes and burns in silence. It didn’t hit the comedic mark…
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Local Manly Pastor says the African Church is Thriving

By: Laura Bennett

This week Manly Life Church Pastor Tim Gionvanelli will take a team of four to see the work of African Enterprise in Kenya. Visiting some their development work in the slums, an orphanage school, and learning about their Foxfires gap year program, Tim believes the team will be encouraged by what they encounter in Africa.
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Are There Practical Ways To Share Jesus Online?

By: Reuben Skewes

With the world population at 7.5 billion people, and those that identify as Christian at 2.4 billion, there is still much to be done. Thankfully, the opportunities to share Jesus are endless! Especially online! Read more

Sharing Your Faith Is a Partnership, Not a Solo Gig

By: Donna Burke

I know Christians have been called to share the love of Jesus with their world, but for many of us this is still a scary thought, no matter how long we’ve been saved. Read more

Share Your Easter Story

By: James Stinson

Have you ever struggled to share your own testimony? Well, Easter is the perfect time to start! Read more