hope in cancer, death & grief

Hope in Cancer, Death and Grief

By: Lois Thomson

Every day in Australia, 48 women hear those dreaded words: “I’m sorry, but you have breast cancer.” One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before they reach the age of 85. Read more

Trusting God Through the Valleys

Adrian and Nicole Barton are one couple who’s experiences epitomise the ups and downs of life.

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Shape of your Soul

5 Tips: Developing the Shape of your Soul

By: Kaye Hollings

What is the shape of your soul? You’ve probably never thought about it.

Of course, you’ve heard about how important it is to keep physically in shape, get enough sleep, interact with others, and stimulate your brain by learning new things. They’re all vital to good health.

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same sex attraction

My Christian Marriage is More Important Than My Same Sex Attraction

Author: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House

Colin has same sex attraction. He describes it as something he has, rather than who he is. It doesn’t define him.

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sexual assault

Finding Healing from Sexual Assault

In this two-part podcast, Focus On The Family examine the horrors of sexual assault and how survivors can find new hope and healing from God. Read more


A Life Controlled by Drugs – Now Marked By Mercy

Just over 3 million Australians use illicit drugs each year*.

Author: Annette Spurr

The above statistics are disturbing, and so is the reality of living with drug addiction.

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So God Told You to Leave Your Husband?

Author: Tania Harris | God Conversations.

“So God told you to leave your husband?” “Yes” she answered, “He said I was released from my marriage.”

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Living Generously

Author: Rodney Olsen.

This week we heard that Mavis L. Wanczyk, a hospital worker of Chicopee, Massachusetts won US$758.7 million, the largest undivided jackpot lottery win in U.S. history.  Read more

Faith, Mental Illness and Counselling

If someone you know has been acting a bit “off”, and you’re starting to get concerned, at what point do you recommend a counsellor or a psychiatrist? And how do you go about finding one? Read more

Walk This Way

Author: Rodney Olsen.

We often hear of people being in the right place at the right time. When we talk about those ‘right place, right time’, moments we’re generally thinking of something good happening for someone just because they were where they needed to be to take advantage of a particular situation or opportunity. It’s as if circumstances came together to bring about something good. Read more