Chores Lead to Success, Later in Life (even if teens don’t love them!)

By: Collett Smart

a comic strip of a mother and daughter at a sink. The mum asks her daughter, why didnt you wash this pan? The daughter responds, that pan wasn't part of the official dinner dishes! Mum says, listen, when i ask you to do the dishes after dinner, that means every dish in the sink, not just the ones for dinner AND it also means cleaning the counter and making the kitchen look tidy! The daughter groans.

Has the artist of Hedger Humour been peeping in my windows? We often wonder about the benefits of chores, and whether the sighing, dodging and procrastination are worth the effort (and that’s just the parents I am talking about! 😉) Read more

Family Traditions Help Kids Make Sense of Life

By: Dr Justin Coulson

“Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world.” – Susan Lieberman Read more

Home Will Be the Hero: Creating a Safe Place for Our Tweens and Teens

By: Michelle Mitchell

The feeling of packing your bags up and heading home is always bittersweet, especially if it wasn’t in the original plan. Read more

A Roadmap for Co-Parents During COVID-19

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Parenting is an exercise in organisation, communication, and flexibility at the best of times. Co-parenting, particularly in blended families, is even more complicated. And in the midst of a pandemic, it’s exponentially harder. Read more

Heading Home- A Poem

By: Yvette Cherry

The wind was a howlin’,
blowing a gale.
Our Coral Bay holiday
was beginning to fail.

Read more


Stop Stuffing Stuff In: Why Relationships Don’t Work on Efficiency

By: Dr Justin Coulson | Happy Families

My wife and I are parents to six daughters.

Yes… six. Yes, we intentionally conceived them. No we weren’t trying for a boy. Yes, we do own a television (which we clearly do not have time to watch.) Read more