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Finding Family Outside the Box

By: Helping Hands TV

“The notion of family”, says Mike Gore from Charitabl., “is incredibly fluid. It’s always changing.” Read more

Blended Family Grandparenting

By: Robert Busha

Often, I relive the adventure of whacking through brush “on safari” in the woods with my step-grandsons, Andrew and Aaron. Read more

A Grand Influence: How to Bond With Your Grandkids

By: Jill Savage 

Most grandparents want to be an asset to their grandchildren — provide a listening ear, welcome heart and safe place for kids to emotionally land. But how does one do this? Read more

Empty Nest Syndrome: Who It Impacts and How to Survive

By: Ben McEachen

Janet Evans had heard about “empty nest syndrome“, where parents feel loss, grief and despair when adult children leave home and she did not think she was the sort of person this would happen to. Read more

The Case for Marriage and Why It’s Good For Us: Research Findings

By: Kristian Johnson

“Marriage has lost ground, has retreated the most, amongst working-class and poor Americans, and so what that means practically of course, both economically and socially, is that leaves poor and working-class adults and kids doubly disadvantaged.”  ~ Brad Wilcox

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3 Keys to a Peaceful Family Gathering These Holidays

By: Michael McQueen

The holiday season is here. While rest is undoubtedly and necessarily a priority for most of us this year, the holidays can be a stressful time for many. Read more

‘A Lasting Tale’ Helps Families to Capture Our Elders Memories

By: Laura Bennett

These days we are inundated with pictures of our everyday lives. Sure, our social media may only capture the highlights, but as you scroll back through your phone’s camera roll, most of us would have a fairly good diary of key millstones, family events, and the many times our cat looked cute while sleeping.
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The Most Influential People in the World

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Think about the most influential men and women who have ever lived; those who have brought the most good into the world. I’m sure that a few names spring to mind. But perhaps they aren’t the most influential people in the world. Perhaps the most influential people in the world were their parents. Read more

“Take Back Your Family” From the Western World’s Broken Model, Says Author Jefferson Bethke

By: Laura Bennett

In the last two years, many of us have asked, why did we do it that way? Why did I jam my schedule so full? Why didn’t I get off the wheel of the daily grind sooner? Read more

How to Be a Better Friend and Understand Your Adult Children

By: Jenny Baxter

How do you be a better friend, colleague, or for that matter, mother to your adult children? Read more