Fear Not

By: yesheis

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but there are voices and opinions that say it’s not cool to talk about it. Whether something is said or merely implied, many Christians end up feeling afraid to tell people about Jesus and stop sharing altogether. Read more

What to Say to Children and Teens About COVID-19

By: Collett Smart

Like many reading this, I am a parent to 3 children – and the talk of COVID-19 hasn’t left our house much in the last few weeks, especially since the flow of information (and misinformation) has picked up. It’s difficult to ignore isn’t it? Read more

We Push Out into New, Uncharted Waters. Don’t Be Afraid

By: Sheridan Voysey

A new year. A new decade. We have crossed a threshold, begun a new story, bidding the old farewell to make way for the new. What are you looking forward to?
Read more

When Your Child is Terrified by a Movie or Meme: Expert Advice for Parents and Caregivers

By: Clare Bruce

Every new era of pop culture brings with it a fresh cast of creepy characters sure to frighten the living daylights out of vulnerable kids. Read more

Waiting on God Through the Questions

By: Jennie Scott

Her soft voice came through the speaker on my phone, telling the podcast interviewer about the hardest years of her life. This woman has moved overseas, adopted orphaned children, begun a non-profit ministry, and written bestselling books about faith. If anyone shouldn’t admit having certain questions about her faith and her God, it seemed she shouldn’t. Read more

Fear and Anxiety in Children: What’s Normal, and What’s Not

By: Focus On The Family

In a young child’s world, so much is new and unfamiliar. When you consider a toddler’s inexperience, coupled with their limited reasoning skills, it’s easy to understand why a toddler might react in fear to a host of benign, everyday things. Read more

Feel The Fear

By: Neri Morris

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Every time I read this phrase or say it out loud I envisage a breath being drawn in and then exhaled right where the word “and” appears. It’s as though this word is the turning point. Things change, right there, in “…and….”. Read more


Being Scared but Doing It Anyway

By: Yvette Cherry

As the Worship Ministry Coordinator in my church, it is often my job to lead the church on Sunday when we sing together. I have been doing this for many years now- maybe 15 or so years, first at night and then in the morning services. Read more