How to Get Better at Prayer

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

How do we pray and how do we get better at prayer? What is prayer? What does it do, and most importantly, how do we build the kind of relationship that invites two-way communication with God?

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When You’re Not Sure It’s God, Is It Ok to Ask for a Sign?

By: Tania Harris

If this is you God, can you give me a sign that it’s really you talking to me?

Many of us have prayed that prayer. We’ve found ourselves at some sort of crossroads unsure of the next step and looking to the heavens for guidance. But is it okay to ask for a sign? Read more

There’d Be No Christmas If Mary and Joseph Hadn’t Listened to Their God-dream

By: Tania Harris

The Christmas story is full of God conversations and one of the most important ones takes place in a dream. It came soon after Jesus was born and if Mary and Joseph hadn’t attended to it, Christmas would not be the occasion we celebrate today. Read more

How to Handle Money, Sex and Power

By: Tania Harris

Money, sex and power are some of the most powerful agents in the world. Any one of them can take down presidents and pastors, politicians and kings. History is littered with stories of people who have been able to conquer nations but not their own lives. So how does God call us to handle them? Read more

I’m Not Surprised Muhammad Rejected Jesus’ Story: Following Him is Humiliating

By: Tania Harris

Two weeks in Turkey recently left me wondering how a land so steeped in Christian history became 98% Muslim. In the first century, this was the area of Asia Minor, famous for Paul’s extraordinary missionary journeys and landmark churches such as Ephesus and Philadelphia. Today Turkish cities are populated with mosques rather than cathedrals and minarets rather than steeples punctuate the skylines. Read more


Would God Tell You who to Marry?

By: Tania Harris

One of the most surprising findings of my PhD studies is that a significant number of interviewees testified to hearing God’s voice about a future marriage partner. Read more


A Theology of Chocolate – How Our Twisted Ideas Turned God into a Killjoy

By: Tania Harris

Magnums are one of my all-time favourite ice-creams. I love the smooth Belgian chocolate and the rich ice-cream inside. But some years ago, Magnum launched a new marketing campaign, labelling each of their ice-creams with one of the seven deadly sins. Read more


A Tale of Two God-Decisions | How to Know God’s Will

By: Tania Harris

Decision-making as a Christian can get complicated. Some people say we need to hear God’s voice in all our decisions; others say the will of God is wide open and we can choose whatever option seems best to us. How do we know God’s will for our lives? To address this question, I’m going to share from two different scenarios in my own life: one in which God spoke and one in which he didn’t. Read more


The Original Christian Feminists

By: Tania Harris

Growing up, ‘feminism’ was a dirty word. It was what those aggressive, angry, bra-burners with their pant suits and cropped hair did to mess up the social order. They were out to get us – the church – who knew how to do male-female relationships, who knew what it was to be a true woman. Read more