Connection with Your Kids

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Think about the most recent positive experience you had with one of your children; one where you felt truly connected. Perhaps it was an instant of joy as she made a new discovery. Read more

3 Strategies for Inoculating Girls Against Stress

By: Dr Justin Coulson

It is generally well accepted that females experience greater levels of depression and anxiety than males. This is true, not only during adulthood, but also during adolescence. Read more

6 Surprising Self-Care Strategies that Work

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Picture this scenario:

You’re opening up to a friend about the overwhelming challenges you face as you juggle your children and your multitudinous other responsibilities. You outline the weight of the burdens you carry. The kids, the job, the financial stress, the endless laundry, and the fact that you are the one carrying the mental load of the household. Read more

Parenting an ADHD Child

By: Dr Justin Coulson

ADHD is one of the most provocative diagnoses that exists in the world of child and adolescent psychology. Tell someone that your child has ADHD and armchair experts will tell you exactly what the issue is: Read more

What’s Your Parenting Style?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

There’s a phrase I hear a lot. It’s usually some variation on the following: “There’s no one right way to parent.” Read more

The Batman Effect

By: Dr Justin Coulson

It’s provocative, and I know some people won’t like what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it: …Mindfulness doesn’t work for everyone. Read more

7 Tips for Raising Girls

By: Dr Justin Coulson

A short while ago my new book about teenage girls, Miss-Connection, was released. The book appeared on some bestseller lists around the country. Since then, I’ve been asked, repeatedly, for the “secrets” to raising happy, responsible, strong teenage girls. Read more

The Most Effective Way to Build Motivation

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Here’s a quick quiz for you.

Think about the children you raise, the students you teach, or the employees you oversee. If you want them to be motivated and have the BEST attitude towards whatever you’re asking them to do, what matters most? Read more

3 Simple Strategies to Supercharge Your Attitude

By: Dr Justin Coulson

I don’t like to deal with absolutes… always, never, everything, nothing. After all, I’m a research scientist. For people like me, I prefer statements like “it depends”. I try to avoid being too certain. Read more

What Legacy Are You Building?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Pause and think, for just a moment, of the most excellent person you have ever met…

What made them so “excellent”?

Is it possible to create an inventory of their attributes; the characteristics of excellence they embody?

Aristotle said… Read more