Starting Conversations That Can Change Culture

By: Focus On The Family

In his seminal work How Should We Then Live?, Francis Schaeffer brought the idea of worldview to bear on the church in the Western world. As he chronicled the rise and decline of Western thought and culture, one thing became clear to his readers; something must be done before the church as a whole is lost. Read more

leader sacrifice

The Leader is the Chief Sacrificer

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

My mother was the chief sacrifice in our family. She was a little lady, seemingly unimportant to others. There was nothing outstanding about her at first glance. Most people wouldn’t have looked twice at her. But she gave everything for her husband and her two boys. And by everything, I mean everything. Read more


Maintaining a Forgiving Spirit While Ministering to the Broken

By: Ted Cunningham

We are called to encourage one another and lift each other up. These days, it only takes a few minutes online to see a lot of hurting people and broken relationships. A quick scroll through our social media channels can be overwhelming and discouraging. Read more


The Vocabulary of the Persuasive Leader

By: Michael McQueen

In the mid-1800s, vast tracts of land in central Australia were granted to immigrants who had, in many cases, just arrived from Europe. These farmers and pastoralists found themselves with a challenge – they were now in control of expanses of land that were, in some cases, almost as large as the countries they had just come from. Read more

Discouragement: What to Do When You’re Feeling Low

Author: John McGee | Focus On The Family.

When you attempt anything significant, you will face times of discouragement. It always comes with the territory. Read more