Pandemic Pain: Survey Reveals Australian Youths’ Biggest Worries

By: Michael Crooks

In what may not come as a surprise, COVID-19 tops the worry list of young Australians. Read more

Mental Health Month Movie Challenge

By: Ally Barnes

As many have travelled through lockdown, the realities of mental health have come to the forefront of our lives. Read more

Finding Peace in an Upside Down World

By: Lorrene McClymont

I haven’t been sure about what to write about this week. I am feeling weary. Read more

Barry Conrad on the Arts Industry Rollercoaster Ride and His Career Reset

By: Laura Bennett

The flux of last year caused a lot of people to reflect and rethink their priorities and for Australian singer, songwriter and actor Barry Conrad it prompted a reset of his career and a reminder of his abilities as an artist. Read more

Blokes Need to Bond: Men’s Health Week 2021

By: Michael Crooks

It is crucial for men to remain connected to their close network of family and friends, particularly during the pandemic. Read more

Need Better Relationships? It Could Be You, Says Dating and Marriage Counsellor Debra Fileta

By: Laura Bennett

When your mind wanders, what thoughts do you arrive at? There are many things that can fill our mind, but for many of us the relationships we have with friends and family, and even our own sense of wellbeing, can take up a lot of headspace. Read more

10 Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Having Good Mental Health

By: Akos Balogh

For most of my life, I’ve been blessed with good physical and mental health. Read more

Getting Off The Merri-Go-Round Of Your Thoughts

By: Danni Synot

I don’t know about you, but sometimes life gets so full on it can almost make you as dizzy as a ride at the carnival. Read more

Sleep Deprivation and Teens

By: Collett Smart

The Parenting Question this week is from Judy, on Sleep Deprivation: “How much sleep do our teens need?”

It has been said that we have a chronically sleep deprived generation. Read more

Mindfulness a Priority for Federal Government in Improving Mental Health of Youth

By: Amy Cheng

Regional and rural primary schools are being given extra resources by the Australian Government to support mental health. Read more