The One Thing Men Can’t Talk Openly About Yet. But What if We Did?

By: Sheridan Voysey

Last year I took part in a piece for BBC 1’s Breakfast programme. As the cameraman and I were driving to the filming location, he told me a story. Read more

5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a Counsellor

By: Danny Huerta

When life kicks you, it’s easy to become disoriented. Counselling is simply a way of pressing the “reset button.” Read more

Can Mindfulness Calm My Child?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Mindfulness has become one of  the  buzzwords of the past decade. Mindfulness is receiving hype by in corporations,  educational institutions, psychologist’s offices, fitness centres, and increasingly in our family homes. In fact, mindfulness in families is becoming almost essential.  And for good reason. Read more

Rewire Your Brain to Fight Anxiety

By: Carolyn McCulley

Training our brains to battle anxiety through minor troubles develops emotional stamina to endure harder times. Read more

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A Conversation About Mental Health with Libby Trickett

By: Duncan Robinson

Libby Trickett has been at the very pinnacle of sports, having represented her country at three Olympic games.

She has won multiple gold medals and is a five time world record holder. She is a married mum now, and at one of the most joyous times of life – she experienced significant depression. Read more

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10 Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health

Mental health issues affect everyone.  Whether or not you yourself are experiencing mental illness there is always someone around you who is.

The World Mental Health Day website says that 1 in 5 Aussies are affected by it. As a community it’s important that we look out for each other, start conversations and support one another.  Read more

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When Grades Come at the Cost of Mental Health

Author: Rachel Doherty | Tweens2Teen.

The first sign of a mental health issue in teenagers is often a drop in grades. Here’s what parents can do when it’s time to make a choice.

Read more

Discouragement: What to Do When You’re Feeling Low

Author: John McGee | Focus On The Family.

When you attempt anything significant, you will face times of discouragement. It always comes with the territory. Read more

Faith, Mental Illness and Counselling

If someone you know has been acting a bit “off”, and you’re starting to get concerned, at what point do you recommend a counsellor or a psychiatrist? And how do you go about finding one? Read more