Raising Generation Alpha: Insights From Gen Alpha Parents

By: Mark McCrindle

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and digital connectivity, a new generation is emerging, and with it, a set of distinctive challenges for parents. Read more

Is Your Toddler Struggling to Sleep? Expert Tips

By: Michelle Nortje

My nephew has just entered toddlerhood and he really struggles to fall asleep. Read more

Developing Deep, Resilient Faith in Our Kids

By: Annette Spurr

How do you measure success as a parent? Is it when your adult child lands their dream job, gets married, or just turns out to be a nice person? Read more

Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement

By: Kristian Johnson

“Women tend to care for kids, and dads tend to play with kids, and kids need both… And it’s amazing how these two things complement one another… this is what men and women do naturally because of their biological differences, because of their brain chemistry differences, and the amazing thing is, it optimises child development.” ~ Katy Faust Read more

Know the Signs of Postnatal Depression

By: Michelle Nortje

Anyone who is about to become a parent, or who has friends or family members who have recently had a child, should be aware of the signs and symptoms of perinatal depression. 

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How the Ultimate Dad Dads

By: City Bible Forum

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a new Australian podcast from funny-guy Hamish Blake. Read more

Do You Interrupt Your Child’s Study to Ask How It’s Going? Try This Instead

By: Amy Cheng

Parents are unknowingly hindering their child’s studying when they go into their rooms and ask how their study is going, a new survey has revealed – students also revealed the ways in which parents could be helpful in the lead up to exams. Read more

Why Do We Make Our Kids Do Weekend Sports?

By: Sam Chan

Thousands of kids play sport every weekend. But why? Read more

Unpacking The Parent-Teacher Tensions in the Education System

By: Kristian Johnson 

In his latest Conversations Interview, John Anderson is joined by Professor James Tooley for a fascinating conversation about the role of education in the modern age.

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Finding Glimmers of Hope in the Trenches of Motherhood

By: Annette Spurr

Every mother, if she’s honest, will tell you that motherhood is both their greatest honour and hardest struggle. Read more