Dealing With Bullying: Putting Power in its Place

By: Rachel Doherty

Bullying can be a difficult issue for parents to deal with, but when we boil it down to its basics, it’s all about power. Read more

40 Social Skills Every Child Needs to Master for Success

By: Rachel Doherty

Social skills are a set of actions we need to get on with others and navigate life. Parents, youth workers and school chaplains are well placed to help children and teenagers not only develop them, but keep them too. Read more

Curfews: Using Limits with Teens

By: Rachel Doherty

Curfews can be a useful way for parents to influence the behaviour of their teens. Especially when they’re making poor choices or hitting the party scene. Read more

How to Teach Your Kids to Be an Entrepreneur

By: Rachel Doherty

Parents can teach a child to be an entrepreneur by giving them a chance to develop business skills. That happens best through trial and error. Read more

How to Stop Feeling Like a Guilty Parent in the School Holidays

By: Rachel Doherty

The parent guilt of letting teenagers and children spend the school holidays glued to a screen is real. But what’s wrong with letting our kids be a little lazy? Read more

Managing Mental Health in the Last Year of School

By: Rachel Doherty

Finishing school carries a lot of stress for teenagers. Where they’ve had some depression, anxiety or other mental ill-health, Year 12 can be too much. Read more

Is Loyalty Dead? Family Life in an Unfaithful World

By: Rachel Doherty

Loyalty seems a discarded value in the 21st century world. But what if it’s essential to good family functioning and effective parenting? Read more


How to Give Your Teens Advice They’ll Listen To

By: Rachel Doherty | Tweens 2 Teen

Giving advice to teens can seem like an important role for parents. But if you want them to listen to you, you’ll need to find a clever way to share your thoughts that keeps them tuned in. Read more

12 year old

12 fundamentals every 12 year old needs to know

By: Rachel Doherty | Tweens 2 Teen

A 12 year old is just on the cusp of becoming a teenager which means parents have a few more months to make sure the fundamentals are in place to help them transition to adulthood and survive the roller coaster ride ahead. Read more

school bus

When Are Kids Old Enough to Take Public Transport Alone

By: Rachel Doherty | Tweens 2 Teen

Having your child use public transport for the first time without you is one of those moments that can creep up on a parent. To work out when the time is right, I’m sharing a simple parenting rule. Read more