Crowd Madness And The New Religion Of The West

By: Akos Balogh

There are 2 gunman at the university – tell your friends on campus’.

The text arrives from a friend, who knows I’m often on campus. But I can’t believe it: surely this is spam?

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Tabora Mission Brings Unity and Religious Clarity to Bustling Tanzanian City

By: Laura Bennett

The city of Tabora has a rich cultural and religious history. With access to major cities in bordering countries, its railway hub saw it hotly fought over during WWII.
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Being ‘Religious’

By: Ange King

I have friends who still describe me as ‘religious.’ Read more

Christian Schools Will Not Reject LGBTI Students, Say Christian Education Leaders

By: Clare Bruce

Christian schools will not reject students because of their sexual orientation—and media headlines about “secret plans” to allow them to do so, are wrong, say Christian education leaders. Read more


The Fastest Growing Religion in the World? You Might Already Be a Member

By: Sheridan Voysey

Think for a moment about a large shopping mall near you.

Think about its awesome size, its ceiling to the sky and its escalators climbing to heaven. Think of all those shops inside, with their ultra-slim manikins in the windows giving us a vision of who we could become. Read more