60 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

By: Sabrina Peters

When I was 16 I thought I knew everything. A few years have passed since then and I have realised I actually didn’t know everything (ha funny that right)! Read more

Breaking Free From Pornography

By: Fred Porter

Porn. I hate porn. I think it’s one of the biggest tools of the enemy in our current time. The amount of people viewing it is alarming. Read more

What Marriage is Really Like

By: Sabrina Peters

Before I was married, I had this picture in my head of what I thought marriage would be. It was a dreamy blend of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Read more

I Asked God to Help Me Grow, It Started Raining

By: Sabrina Peters

I feel like the “raining and pruning” is a never ending process in the Christian journey. No surprise as God’s more interested in the person we’re becoming, than the places we end up. Read more

How to Know if He’s Boyfriend Material

By: Sabrina Peters

So you’re into this guy and you you think he’ll make the perfect boyfie, but you’re not sure if you should start dating. Here are 10 questions that will help you figure out if he’s just a crush or has real potential. Read more

God Can Only Heal What You Reveal

By: Sabrina Peters

Often our pursuit of wholeness can feel exposing & overwhelming. But the only way to inner healing is confronting our brokenness head on, not covering it up. Read more

Nothing Worth Doing Is Ever Easy

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash.

By: Sabrina Peters

It’s about this time every semester I feel the full weight of Uni. Sometimes I find myself asking the question through gritted teeth, “Why am I studying again?! Read more

10 Don’ts of Christian Dating

By: Sabrina Peters

Relationships can be messy, and love can be complicated. Here are “10 Don’ts of Christian Dating”. They are raw and honest, compiled by the many failings of my own life and the wisdom of a collective group of voices. Read more

How to Survive a Break Up

By: Sabrina Peters

For all the girls that have gone through a break up. This is for you. Read more

You Can’t Love God and Hate People

By: Sabrina Peters

It’s a paradox to confess how much you “love God,” but then dislike (or even despise) people. Worse yet degrade, criticise and or even condemn someone based on their beliefs, preferences or shortcomings. Read more