Rom-Coms Don’t Just Make You Feel Good, They’re Good *For* You… It’s Science!

By: Sharon Fitness

Do you have a secret addiction (or not-so-secret – no judgement here!) to feel-good romantic comedies? Turns out there’s good reason. They’re actually good for your health. Really, truly! And there’s science to back it up. Read more

Practise Being Still

By: Lorrene McClymont

There is a well know verse in Psalm 46: “Be still and know that I am God”. Not for the first time, thinking about it has led me down a rabbit hole. Read more

Research Shows Men Need to Talk More About Their Mental Health

By: 98five

Research has shown that men aren’t speaking up enough about their mental health, leading them to seek out unhealthy coping mechanisms. Read more

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Quick to Be Worthwhile, Says Author Hannah Brencher

By: Laura Bennett

Transformation stories are always so appealing. Whether they’re about pre and post weight loss, an underdog who overcomes the odds to find success or a once bitter mogul whose heart is softened by hope, we love seeing people experience positive change and believing we can too. Read more

Becoming Undistracted is About our Values, Not To-Do Lists

By: Laura Bennett

We all know far too well how easy it is to set our mind on doing a task or making a lifestyle change, only to find ourselves completely off track with our goals and occupied by distractions. Read more

“What’s for Dinner Tonight?” Overload – With a Side of Decision Fatigue!

By: City Bible Forum

3pm on a Thursday afternoon. I needed to write an article but I just couldn’t decide on what to write. The low blood sugar didn’t help. But the indecision was due to more than that. Read more

‘Self-Care is Vital in the Unrelenting News Cycle’

By: Laura Bennett

Whatever your diet of news consumption was before the pandemic, it’s likely in the last three years you’ve watched more updates, press conferences, and alerts about natural disasters and world events than in previous ones. Read more

There’s a Word for What I’m Experiencing: Wintering. Maybe You’re Feeling it Too

By: Sheridan Voysey

I came across a helpful word recently: wintering. Author Katherine May uses it to describe those moments when life turns cold through crisis or loss and we find ourselves living at a different, slower pace to everyone else. 

Read more

6 Surprising Self-Care Strategies that Work

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Picture this scenario:

You’re opening up to a friend about the overwhelming challenges you face as you juggle your children and your multitudinous other responsibilities. You outline the weight of the burdens you carry. The kids, the job, the financial stress, the endless laundry, and the fact that you are the one carrying the mental load of the household. Read more

Motherhood Life Hack: Look after Yourself

By: Jenny Baxter

Who looks forward going to the doctor for your pap smear? Or a mammogram? Yay! Not! Read more