How Do You Talk To Your Teen About Porn?

By: Collett Smart

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Young people are naturally curious and innately want to know more about love and sex, yet porn has the ability to destroy everything that is good about romance, love and relationships. There is nothing empathic or kind about p*rn. Read more

Responding Well When Your Child’s Sexuality Is Not What You Thought

By: Amy Van Veen

Several times a week, our care and counselling department receives phone calls from parents whose child has just “come out” to them, either identifying as LGBT or revealing the fact that they are struggling with their attractions or sexuality. Read more

Seven Strategies to Combat Teen Porn Use

By: Danny Huerta

Pornography is pervasive, but avoidable with the right skills. It can quickly become an addiction. There are seven things you can do to help your teen either not access pornography or begin turning away from needing to access pornography. Read more