On Recovering From the Addiction Cycle

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

I know a thing or two about the addiction cycle… I hope you’re not judging me already! Read more

What “Not” to Do When You Make a Mistake

By: Sabrina Peters

Since the beginning of time human beings have been stumbling their way through life. Making mistakes and missing the mark. The truth is, God doesn’t expect you or I to be perfect, but He does give us a free will to turn to Him or away when we fall short. Read more

The Islands of Average, Honour and Shame

By: Duncan Robinson

There are three islands in the world, Average, Honour and Shame. On each of these islands there lives a number of people. Some people start on Honour Island, but most of us start on either Average or Shame Island. Average Island is where the majority of the population dwells. Our hope is one day to catch a one-way ticket to Honour Island. Whether that be through celebrity or prestige or wealth. Our hope is that we might end up on Honour Island. Read more

Australian Cricket – All Balls but No Brain – What Were You Thinking?

By: Sam Chan

So … the Australian cricket team has been caught cheating. Tampering with the ball – with yellow (what were you thinking?) sandpaper – so that the ball swings in the air, making it unplayable for the South African batsmen. Read more


Encouragement for the Parent Who Just Feels Different

By: Jennie Scott

My life looks nothing like the one I planned.

My life doesn’t look like most of my friends’ lives.

I am different from most of the other mums in my circle.

And different is hard. Read more