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Why Are We So Angry? The Hidden Culprit We May Be Missing

By: Sheridan Voysey

I recently sat in a doctor’s office waiting for a routine check-up. Read more

Infertility: Could Community & Prayer Help Cure the Hidden Pain?

By: Laura Bennett

What is your hidden pain? Whether you’re worried about something, carrying an unseen health diagnosis or grieving past loss, so much can be beneath the surface of our lives that others are completely unaware of. Read more

Boxing Day Blah

By: Sheridan Voysey

One of my favourite Christmas artworks is a painting called The Nativity by contemporary artist Brian Kershisnick.  Read more

The Two Basic Human Needs: Bios and Zoë

By: Sheridan Voysey

As previously mentioned, Merryn and I have been immersed in a much-needed house renovation. Read more

This Simple Act Can Really Make Your Life Count

By: Sheridan Voysey

One day in 2011, Emily Kenward was walking down Lavender Street in Brighton, UK. She’d walked this street many times before, but now saw it with fresh eyes. Read more

How an Act of Grace Could End Up Saving You

By: Sheridan Voysey

I have no idea why, but when anything gets too popular, I lose interest. Read more

When Cracks Appear, Check Your Foundations

By: Sheridan Voysey

After wanting to for years, Merryn and I finally did the sums, held our breath, signed the papers, and embarked on a house renovation. Read more

It’s Those Who Truly Seek That Find

By: Sheridan Voysey

In 2010, an 80-year-old antiques dealer named Forrest Fenn walked into the Rocky Mountains, dug a hole, and buried an ornate box full of his finest treasures. Read more

Why You Should Deface Your Books

By: Sheridan Voysey

If you live in the UK and weren’t already onto it, all the Hermiones, Where’s Wallys and Cats in Hats at the school gates probably reminded you recently of World Book Day. Read more