“Leave Them Alone and They’ll Come Home”

By: Robert Garrett

When our kids were little, people would say, ‘enjoy them now, because when they’re teenagers …’ Consequently, I had this sense of resignation that when they hit their teen years, we’d lose connection with our kids and there was nothing to do but wait in anticipation for their ‘return’. Read more

4 Lessons About Parenting Teens in a Hyper-Sexualised Age

By: Robert Garrett

In several recent blogs I reference experts encouraging parents to keep the channels of communication open with their teens.

Read more

Sexting: What to Do if It Happens to Your Child

By: Dr Justin Coulson

A friend of mine had an awful ‘sexting’ incident occur with her 11 year-old daughter. Her daughter was having an innocent conversation with a boy from school via text when he asked her to send “noodz” to him. I have two daughters and a son who are between 9 and 14. Is sexting normal now? How can I stop them having to deal with this? Read more

TV Host Eddie Woo’s Top Study Tip for Year 12s

By: Clare Bruce

For star Youtuber and maths teacher extraordinaire Eddie Woo, teaching in lockdown has come naturally. Read more

Year 12 Traditions Lost to the Pandemic: Students Need New Rites-of-Passage, Says Expert

By: Clare Bruce

The cancellation of Year 12 formals and graduation ceremonies has sparked an outpouring of emotion from parents and students, broken-hearted at the loss of yet another rite-of-passage in their final year of school. Read more

How to Stop Telling and Yelling, and How to Connect With Your Teen

By: Dr Justin Coulson

‘Get up!’

‘Hurry up! It’s time to go.’

‘Do your homework now. You should have done it already!’

‘You will study tonight.’

Nobody likes to be told what to do. It gets our back up and makes us resistant to what’s being asked. Read more

Ten Things I Want My Tween Son to Know


By: Jennie Scott

OK, son. You’re in that weird stage right now where you’re technically not a teenager yet, but you’re not a little kid anymore, either. I know it’s super strange. Your body is changing, your voice is sounding different, and your brain is struggling to keep up. Read more

The Art of Parenting: Knowing When to Step In, and When to Step Out

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Many of our children don’t like to admit this – and if they’re reading this article, they’ll say it’s not true – but until at least the age of 16, our children need us to be actively involved in a good portion of their lives. Read more

Dads & Their Teenage Daughters

By: Robert Garrett

From the day our daughter was born, she’s always held a special place in my heart. From my experience talking to dads and reading numerous parenting books, there’s nothing unusual about that. Read more

What the Final Class of 2020 Needs from You Right Now

By: Collett Smart

It’s been a strange year for all students, but none more so than those in their final year of school. Read more