She’s A Crowd: Making Cities Safer for Women Around the World

By: Micaela Aboody

Sharing a story you haven’t felt comfortable telling before and realising you’re supported – and believed – is one of the most important steps in healing, and a crowd-mapping platform is changing the game. Read more

Women’s Justice and Mercy Ministries: Celebrating the Church’s Unsung Heroes

By: Amy Cheng

Women are often the unsung heroes in the church, with their work behind the scenes often going unnoticed, but a new podcast and ebook are hoping to change that.
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Dr Katrina Clifford Helping Change Problematic College Cultures for Women

By: Amy Cheng

International Women’s Day (IWD), Tuesday 8 March, is an opportunity to celebrate women but also to lament about how women have been treated, an academic and mentor to young women has said.
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The Clearing

By: Neri Morris

Who doesn’t love a little creative writing? I haven’t written this way in a while so it came as a bit of a surprise when I sat down to process something that had resurfaced in my life and this is what flowed.  May its ambiguity and symbolism connect with your own story, those moments where something you thought was well and truly dead, resurfaces and you are paralysed by the loaded question of “one step forward or one step back?”


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The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

By: Ally Barnes

Helen Baker is a financial planner and the founder of On Your Two Feet. She has just released The Essential Guide to Financial Independence for all Women because “women often react, but they need to plan”. Read more

Jamila Rizvi on Giving Women Their “Work Confidence” Back

By: Ally Barnes

Women face many challenges re-entering the workforce after extended periods of time off. Read more

Movie Challenge: International Day of the Girl

By: Ally Barnes

With three daughters and two granddaughters, Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews has seen his share of princess movies and films that celebrate girls. This is his list of recommended films to watch to celebrate International Day of the Girl on October 11. Read more

Why Women Need to Learn in Quietness and Submission

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

Not every Christian believes that I should be leading a ministry or that I should even be an ordained pastor. The church I grew up in believed that church leadership should always be male. The reason I am in ministry today was due to a number of God Conversations that called me to revisit on the interpretation of Scripture I’d grown up with. Read more

Is Your Daughter a Victim of Gaslighting?

By: Collett Smart

‘Gaslighting’ means to manipulate a person into doubting their own sanity, through psychological means. It is a calculated tactic which sees the abuser gain more power and makes the victim question their reality. Gaslighting can happen in toxic friendships too, but for the sake of this article, I am referring to romantic relationships. Read more

Greg Attwells On Worship And Empowering Women [Audio]

By: Justin Rouillon

Sydney singer songwriter Greg Attwells has collaborated with Karl Faase for the second season of ‘Jesus the Game Changer’. The series is produced by Faase’s Olive Tree Media, and is a multi-episode documentary series, with a selection of episodes made available to churches to run as a special content feature in church life.  Read more