Baby Shark – One Person’s Harmless Ditty is Another Person’s Instrument of Torture

By: Sam Chan

Baby Shark – doo doo doo doo doo doo – has become the most watched YouTube video with over 7 billion views. Read more

Rob Kenney: How a Dad of Two Became ‘Dad’ to Millions on YouTube

By: Laura Bennett

We’ve all been through various versions of lockdown, but not all of us have come out of it with a YouTube following of over two and half million subscribers. Read more

dua lipa

Dua Lipa – What the Most Streamed Woman in the UK Can Teach Us About Jesus

By: Sam Chan | Espresso Theology

Dua Lipa has just been named the most streamed woman of 2017 in the UK. She is only 22, but her song New Rules has had 765 million views (to date!). Read more

How to Make Your Own Speaker

You’ll be the coolest parent when you magically transform a cardboard tube and plastic cups into a groovy speaker!

What’s Up Moms have your school holidays covered with this great practical project.
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organising bathroom

Easy Tips for Organising the Kids Bathroom

Do your bathroom drawers need a good purge? Are there things hidden under other things that you didn’t even realise were there for who knows how long? Follow these easy steps to a more organised bathroom! Read more


3 Pumpkin Decoration Hacks (No Carving Needed)

Looking for some fun pumpkin decorating alternatives to do with your kids that don’t involve carving out creepy faces? Read on! Read more


How to Recycle Your Old Candles

Are you sick of dusty candles lying around that you can no longer use after the wick has burned down?

Fret no more with this simple solution to recycling and creating a beautiful new candle with your leftover wax! Read more

healthy chocolate ice cream

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream!

Wait… healthy ice cream?!

Yes it exists! Well…. At least a healthier version. This yummy ice cream is the ultimate healthy sweet treat for post-dinner dessert.  Or one to store in the memory bank for the warmer months ahead.  Read more

Best Tips from Movie Dads

5 of The Best 'Movie Dads' Moments

Author: Movies Change People

Dads – got to love them! And with Father’s Day coming up, the team from Movies Change People are highlighting some of their favourite “movie dads”.

These dads have had us in stitches, made us cry, and taught us some valuable lessons about fatherhood.

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