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We are regularly looking at the state of the market and comparing the prices of Opal retailers. For example, an item we sold for about $700, a competitor piece was half the carat weight and almost twice the price at $1,250. We have found that in Sydney you can pay up to 4 times more for similar items to ours! In the Opal Industry, there can be up to 7 “middle-men” who each take a commission when they on-sell an Opal. The Opal “miner” sells to the “cutter” who sells to the “runner” who sells to the “wholesaler” who sells to the “manufacturer” who sells to the “supplier” who sells to the “jeweller” who sells to you! At each stage, a profit margin is added. We buy directly from the mines so we are able to pass these Savings on to you!


We are confident that you will find the finest products and the highest customer service when shopping at Australian Opal Cutters. This Selection has tens of thousands of pieces of Opal—Opal set into jewellery rings, pendants, earrings, and (of course) a massive range of loose Opal—and every piece is cut, polished and set to perfection! This online collection has been refined over many years, and you, the customer have told us what you like and what you don’t like, so our ranges reflect sophisticated elegance or contemporary modern styles. There is a piece to suit every taste and occasion. So remember if you cannot see what you are looking for online we are sure to have it in the Sydney factory. Simply email orders@australianopalcutters.com and let us know what you need.


We would love to become your personal family jeweller and trusted Opal supplier. At Australian Opal Cutters, we understand that a piece of jewellery is an incredibly personal purchase, and we want to match you with your perfect Opal. We are available at any time to provide you with excellent Service, advice and guidance, no matter which stage of the process you are at. Our service guarantee is an international lifetime warranty that is carefully defined here on the website to keep you safe! Because we are essentially a family business, care and personal service is extremely important. So whether you are from USA, USSR or the UK we will be able to repair, re-model or renew your designs guaranteed for life under your international lifetime warranty policy.