So… What’s The Price?

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Media Rhemas are on the final page in the slideshow. If you can’t wait, skip ahead.

Current Offers…


  • Starter Package – 15 x 30-second spots/week                     $88/week.    5xROS + 10xBTA
  • Presence Package – 30 x 30-second spots/week                $144/week   15xROS + 15xBTA
  • Branding Package – 45 x 30-second spots/week                $190/week   25xROS + 20xBTA
  • Kickstarter Add-on20 x 30-sec spots/week (3 month) $180/week   20xBMAD – Over 80% off

          (Kickstarter strongly recommended for businesses new to our airwaves, or for special events or promotions.)

  • Brekky/drive Tags Add-on – 5×10-second tags/week.     $49/week

Call Mick or Cath for sales related queries…

Phone: 0422 466 848
Email: radio@