It has been established through media research that radio is more frequently used than any other medium. Therefore it’s able to reach more people otherwise unavailable through any other medium & by nature is transportable as opposed to those other media formats.

Take a look at some of the Advantages:

  • Rates – Our rates are extremely competitive. We’ll tailor a package to meet your needs and your budget.
  • 5 Minute Limit – Rhema Central Coast has community license restrictions of 5 minutes of advertising per hour, so listeners don’t switch off when it comes to hearing about your business, product or event, and it wont get lost in a swamp of adverts. (Commercial stations play up to 22 minutes per hour).
  • Supportive Listeners – Our listeners like to support the businesses that support Rhema through sponsorship advertising. And its not just Christians listening. Surveys indicate that over 30% of our listeners are not Christian. They just like our programming.
  • Coverage – Through 2,000 watts of stereo FM broadcast power on 94.9 mHz, our broadcasts extend North to Morriset, then South of the Central Coast right down to the Northern beaches of Sydney – with members throughout these areas.


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