The Importance of Bringing a Positive Attitude to the Workplace

By: McCrindle

We all know the Monday morning atmosphere when colleagues come into the office again after the weekend. Our attitude, either positive or negative, can predict the rest of the day and sometimes the whole week. Read more

The Perks of Paranoia: Why Fear Might Be Your Best Business Resource

By: Michael McQueen

Looking back over the last two years quickly reveals a narrative of fear. In all the frenzies of panic-buying, the conspiracy theories and the misinformation that fed our anxiety, we have consistently been driven to hysteria by a very primal sense of fear. Read more

3 Dilemmas in the New World of Work

By: Michael McQueen

Working from home raised a range of challenges, but as life continues getting back to normal post-Covid, it is the return to work that might pose the most difficulty. Clashes between the expectations of employees and employers are becoming more frequent, as are debates surrounding how work should function in the post-Covid world. Read more

Is the Office Dead?

By: McCrindle

Since the beginning of the pandemic, for many, working from home has become the new normal. While it can have its challenges, the benefits seem to outweigh them. Read more

“The Great Resignation”: Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs

By: Michael Crooks

As the pandemic continued to wreak its turmoil this year, millions of people throughout the world began quitting their jobs. Read more

Wellbeing in the Work-From-Home Era

By: McCrindle

Over the last few years, wellbeing has risen to the top of the agenda. It’s one of the key challenges and opportunities that our society faces. In any given week, we spend more than a third of our waking hours at work – so it’s the place that we most need to get wellbeing right. Read more

Jamila Rizvi on Giving Women Their “Work Confidence” Back

By: Ally Barnes

Women face many challenges re-entering the workforce after extended periods of time off. Read more

9 Job Interview Tips

By: Gabriel Garcia

So you’re applying for a job. Whether you’re a teenager seeking your first experience in the world of paid work or you’re a university graduate trying to get that lucky break, your success will hinge greatly on whether you make a good first impression during that all important interview. Read more

What Is Your Business’s Silent Pulse? These 5 Questions Will Tell You…

By: Michael McQueen

Years ago, I visited an acupuncturist following the recommendation of a friend, interested to see how the experience would differ from the dozens of chiropractors and physiotherapists I had seen. Read more

Business Owner, Which of These 3 ‘R’s Is Preventing Your Progress?

By: Michael McQueen

Almost every business wants to be known for being innovative, but in a world saturated with systems and bureaucracy, not all businesses have the mindset that will get them there. Read more