Tax Time – Here’s What You Can Expect to Claim If You Worked From Home

By: Christine Addis

It is that time of year again and there is excitement in the air as the possibility of a tax refund dangles before us. Read more

Job Loss is Not The End – It Could Be Your New Beginning

By: Hope Media

The economic downturn of 2020 has left thousands of Australians suddenly jobless, wondering what is ahead for them, and how to get back on their feet. Read more

3 Keys to Asking Better Questions

By: Michael McQueen

I’m sure we have all at some point felt the effects of bad conversation. Awkwardness, offence, miscommunication are all rooted in conversations that didn’t achieve what they were supposed to. Read more

Why We Should Rethink the 3 ‘r’s of Education

By: Michael McQueen

Readin, writin’ and ‘rithmetic… I’m sure that if many of us Gen X and older were to return to our schooling days it may have resembled something like this. For generations, education has involved the rote learning of dates, formulas and quotes which are forgotten as soon as they are assessed. Read more

3 Essentials for an Age of Complexity

By: Michael McQueen

In the world we are living in, it seems that by the day, information becomes more and more convoluted and issues become more and more complex. Read more

From Isolation to Innovation: The Unparalleled Power of a Scattered Team

By: Michael McQueen

If this time has offered any opportunity to us, it is the radical breaking of convention that businesses, brands and individuals have had to respond and adapt to. Read more

3 Everyday Enemies of Your Tenacity

By: Michael McQueen

Miriam is quick in the centre but loses heart. Joyce understands the game but could move a little quicker; Audrey places herself well but lacks height

I recently came across this extract from the sports notes section of the annual magazine from a girl’s school in the 1930s.[1] Read more

His Old-School Advice is Freeing a Generation From Debt. Meet Money Guru, Dave Ramsey

By: Laura Bennett

If you’re struggling to see how you’ll ever afford that dream home or education, or how you will ever get out of debt, Dave Ramsey’s advice – in high demand with millennials and boomers alike – could give you the hope you need. Read more

In a Time of Turmoil, Seed is Helping Christian Enterprises ‘Reimagine’ the Year Ahead

By: Clare Bruce

Only weeks ago, Christian organisations and entrepreneurs were sinking their teeth into their goals and dreams for 2020. Read more