Creating Your Business Name and Slogan

By: Alex Cook

Your business name is an important part of building your brand. You want your company name to be the first thing people think of. In Australia, when people order a “Rum” drink with a soft drink, they don’t ask for a ‘Rum and Cola’, they ask for a ‘Rum & Coke’ – now that is market power. Read more

How the Past Paves New Paths to the Future

By: Michael McQueen

Britain’s first female Member of Parliament, Lady Astor, once observed: “The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change nothing – or everything.” Read more

The Future of Work Will Be Hybrid

By: McCrindle

According to our third phase of research exploring the impacts of COVID-19, since a global pandemic was declared, two in five Australians (41%) have worked from home. Almost one in four (24%) are still working from home, while 13% are now back in the office. Read more

Would Your Business Values Pass the Test?

By: Michael McQueen

In a season of intense global uncertainty, unpredictable business conditions and politics of more tension and division than ever before, a stable, predictable and trustworthy presence is of priceless value. Read more

5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot

By: Michael McQueen

As events have unfolded this year, the word ‘pivot’ has emerged as a description of the moves necessary in business, society and individual lives to adapt to uncertain times. It is an appropriate word choice to describe these movements, especially as it depicts a motion that adapts its direction, while remaining rooted in one spot. It is clear that in times of crisis, the fundamental need for businesses is the ability to pivot. Read more

How Sustainable is a Focus on Sustainability?

By: Michael McQueen

The need for environmentally sustainable moves in business has been common knowledge for years. However, while many businesses have implemented changes and strategies to address this, many others have been held back by the need to maintain profits and ROI. Read more

Why Ground-Level Workers Are The Top-level Innovators

By: Michael McQueen

‘In my experience, innovation can only come from the bottom. Those closest to the problem are in the best position to solve it. Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and iterate. Position, obedience and tradition should hold no power.’ [1] Read more

Good News For Behind-The-Scenes People: Your Work is Indispensable

By: Sheridan Voysey

In a celebrity-driven age like ours it’s easy to applaud those who work on the top deck—the public faces of business, government, medicine, entertainment—while overlooking those who work in the galleys and engine rooms that keep the ship running. Read more

What is Enlarging Leadership?

By: McCrindle

In our recent book Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times, we have an entire chapter dedicated to leadership. Read more

How Disney’s Teamwork Pushes Them Into the Unknown

By: Michael McQueen

Over my years of working in the business world around ideas of innovation and leadership, one lesson I have learned is that there is a lesson to be learned in most places. I must admit though, when I sat down to watch Frozen 2 with my son, I did not expect it to be one of these places. Read more