Why Robots Loved the Pandemic

By: Michael McQueen

You’ve likely read the headlines regarding how many million jobs will be taken by robots, or what percentage of professions will disappear in the coming years. Read more

Why Culture Could Be Your Company’s Make or Break

By: Michael McQueen

In the office, it now seems the employer and employee simply want different things. The impasse between company and worker expectations around the future of the in-office work is a key factor driving what’s become known as ‘The Great Resignation.’ Read more

What Gen Z Are Looking For As They Enter the World of Work

By: McCrindle

The world in which educators are preparing students for is changing, and so too are the students themselves. Read more

Hiring Gen Z? Here’s What You Need to Know

By: Michael McQueen

The last couple of years have seen the entry of the next generation into the workforce. Gen Zs are a unique group – fiercely ambitious, values-driven and highly attuned to the digital world. Read more

Integrating Faith and Work? God is Already at Work in Your Workplace

By: Amy Cheng

Faith and work are often seen as separate but the integration of the two can be an important component of engaging with the community, says Christian academic, Kara Martin. Read more

How To Deliver an Engaging Presentation: Top Tips

By: Ashley Fell, McCrindle

It can be hard to communicate and connect with audiences in a time of message saturation and information overload. This is compounded by the fact that today, audience members have the ultimate distraction tool in their pockets – mobile phones. Read more

Bring Your Grief to Your Workday! (Actually Please Don’t)

By: City Bible Forum

Imagine being free from our problems for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Imagine living in a world where we could disconnect ourselves from the nagging personal foibles that encroach on our work life and professional development. Read more

How Today’s Young Employees are Different to Their Parents and Grandparents

By: Ashley Fell

Australia is currently experiencing the biggest generational shift it has seen for half a century. Over the next decade, the youngest of the formidable Baby Boomers will sail past 65 and ease out of the workforce, leaving a very significant labour and management void. Read more

Why Sustainability is a ‘Package’ Deal in Business

By: Michael McQueen

The demand for sustainability has no less than revolutionised the way companies do business. In the last decade, the move towards sustainable products, waste solutions and emissions reductions has forced businesses to pursue purpose over profits, leading the way to a new and positive form of conscious capitalism. Read more

How to Position Your Organisation as a Leader in the NFP Space

By: McCrindle

With so many charities in the NFP sector, it can feel like a saturated market. Especially with so many other outlets seeking attention, it’s important to make sure you are doing something different and sharing your unique story in a way that engages an audience. Read more