Single Mum Victoria Coster’s ‘From Zero to CEO’ Story Will Inspire You

By: Laura Bennett

Victoria Coster was a single mum living in a housing commission unit when she decided to start her own business. Read more

How COVID Brought the Human Back to Work

By: Michael McQueen

We have always known that the future of our work will look dramatically different from the present. What we did not know is that the global pandemic would pave much of the groundwork for this future’s arrival. Read more

Graduate Job Readiness

By: McCrindle

The transition from being a student into the turbulence of the workforce is a significant milestone in a young person’s life. Read more

How the Emerging Economy Will Get You a Better Gig

By: Michael McQueen

While trends are known to come and go, it is not often you see the economy come full circle. Over 100 years ago, before the turn of the century and the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the notion of a salary was not commonplace. Some estimate that as little as 10% of workers had one, the rest of the population surviving off what we would now refer to as the ‘gig economy’. Read more

“Off the Back of COVID, Every Business Owner in Australia Has Suffered” – New Podcast Boosting Businesses

By: Katrina Roe

Starting a new business has to be one of the most exciting, terrifying and risky things a person can do. If you are struggling to get a business off the ground, you are not alone. Read more

Christians are Called to Face Pressure at Work But Mental Fitness is Key to Managing It

By: Amy Cheng

Christians are called to face pressure and it is only when they are under pressure that their true character is revealed, according to YouTube sensation Eddie Woo. Read more

How Will Your New Workplace Work for You?

By: Michael McQueen

With vaccines emerging and a new year ushering in a renewed demand for some kind of back-to-normal routine, society’s return to work is front of mind for many professionals. However, having adjusted effectively to remote work, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Many businesses, leaders and workers are questioning whether returning to work is a viable decision and are rethinking how our new work life could look. Read more

Creating Your Business Name and Slogan

By: Alex Cook

Your business name is an important part of building your brand. You want your company name to be the first thing people think of. In Australia, when people order a “Rum” drink with a soft drink, they don’t ask for a ‘Rum and Cola’, they ask for a ‘Rum & Coke’ – now that is market power. Read more

How the Past Paves New Paths to the Future

By: Michael McQueen

Britain’s first female Member of Parliament, Lady Astor, once observed: “The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change nothing – or everything.” Read more

The Future of Work Will Be Hybrid

By: McCrindle

According to our third phase of research exploring the impacts of COVID-19, since a global pandemic was declared, two in five Australians (41%) have worked from home. Almost one in four (24%) are still working from home, while 13% are now back in the office. Read more