Almond and Lemon Cake Recipe

By: Susan Joy

A moist melt in your mouth lemon cake topped with a healthy, no refined sugar lemon icing. This delicious and lemony cake will surprise you, it’s not too sweet and you can make it as lemony as you like by adjusting the amount of lemon zest. Lemons are known to enhance mood, so you should feel good eating this cake. Read more

Here’s Why You’re Qualified To Do Great Things

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

We live in a world where you are limited by your qualifications. That’s one of the reasons why your parents probably told you to finish school. Read more

“Don’t Believe In God? Lie To Your Children”

By: Akos Balogh

A fascinating article appeared in the Wall Street Journal late last year. Erica Komisar, a well known and respected author and Psychoanalyst wrote a piece entitled ‘Don’t believe in God? Lie to your children’. Read more

The Comey Rule – Is Telling the Truth Manipulative? [Review]

By: Laura Bennett

The world is fascinated by who becomes the next American President. It is hard to imagine any country whose political system is subject to more screen time, whether it be news coverage, special events, TV series or movies – both fact and fiction. Read more

Good News For Behind-The-Scenes People: Your Work is Indispensable

By: Sheridan Voysey

In a celebrity-driven age like ours it’s easy to applaud those who work on the top deck—the public faces of business, government, medicine, entertainment—while overlooking those who work in the galleys and engine rooms that keep the ship running. Read more

Gen Y: Prioritising Lifestyle and Experiences Over the Accumulation of Assets

By: McCrindle

In our latest report on The Future Consumer, we aim to unpack the current traits, behaviours and mindsets of our current generations and understand where they might head in the future.

We believe that generational analysis isn’t a passing fad or a generalisation of a cohort of people, but an embedding of one’s psyche and worldview when people of various ages are living through the same political, technological or social shifts. Read more

“God is Not Offended By People Asking ‘Why?’,” Says Christian Apologetics Author

By: Laura Bennett

In the overwhelming malaise that has overshadowed much of 2020 for so many people, understandably, there are some who are asking, ‘where is God in it all?’ Read more

39 Great Novels

By: Yvette Cherry

Here’s a list of novels I’ve enjoyed over the years. Not all of them are new, but they’re all compelling reads. This list is in random order.
Read more

Could A Christian Vote For Trump In Good Conscience?

By: Akos Balogh

President Donald Trump is, how shall we say, controversial. Read more

I Tried To Give A Homeless Man A Sandwich

By: Neri Morris

So one day, I tried to give a homeless man a sandwich…

It all started with my morning coffee. I was sitting and sipping the morning away, when the homeless man who lives on the steps of the church I work near, popped into my mind. I had known he was there for weeks but had never felt this prompting to help him in anyway until that morning. Read more