Guarding God’s Reputation

By: Brian Harris

Have you ever sat through a sermon or a talk and heard the speaker express a view about God that made you think, “Well that makes God sound petty and small”? Read more

Survey Reveals Youth’s Biggest Worry

By: Mike Crooks

Australia’s youth are most worried about the environment, equality and mental health, according to a new survey. Read more

Christmas Movie Advent Calendar

By: Russ Matthews

For many, there is one movie that definitely captures the Christmas spirit. The Reel Dialogue team has searched the archives and come up with an Advent countdown list, given you a viewing option for every day of the Christmas season. Read more

Is a Side Hustle Worth the Hassle? Record Number of Aussies Taking Up Second Jobs

By: Amy Cheng

More and more Australians are taking up multiple jobs, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Read more

I Am Not Who I Was Before — Kimberly’s Story

By: yesHeis

Kimberly Rodríguez is a university student whose passion for dance and hip hop led her to Jesus. She lives dedicated to sharing the love she received from Him with other young people who live in the same circumstances she once did.
Read more

The Avatar Effect – And How to Beat it

By: Annette Spurr

It’s no secret. The world is a tumultuous place right now. What with looming wars, wild weather, pandemics, and pestilence, it feels like a new Chapter of Revelation is unveiled on the daily. Read more

Chocolate & Date Brownies – Paleo Recipe

By: Susan Joy

These moist and fudgy brownies have a delicious chocolate-caramel flavour. Read more

Dear Gutsy, Outspoken, Take-Action Women of God…

By: Yvette Cherry

There is a story in the Hebrew Bible (2 Kings 4:8-37) that tells of a woman from a town called Shunem who befriends the prophet, Elisha. Read more

Fairytale Wisdom in ‘Disenchanted’ [Movie Review]

By: Reel Dialogue

With three daughters in our household, we had Enchanted (2007) on a regular loop for years. Read more

The God Who Comes to You

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

The God who comes to you is not the God whom many people know. They mainly know the God to whom they have to come. Read more