The Joyous Story Behind This Aussie’s Eurovision Performance

By: Clare Bruce

Aussie pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke had her global Eurovision audience of millions spellbound, as she floated seemingly through space, singing like an opera diva about the joys of emerging from postnatal depression. Read more

Five Simple Ways to Inject Gratitude into Your Daily Schedule

By: Michelle Mitchell

“I need some advice. My daughter is turning 16 next month. She’s a really good kid. She’s funny and smart and talented and she makes good choices. However, she is a complainer. Read more

Social Interaction is the Key to Good Mental Health for Seniors

By: Clare Bruce

When an elderly person starts to become forgetful, it’s not necessarily dementia. Read more

6 Comforting Bible Verses for Hard Times

By: Brittany Ann

Have you ever gone through a really tough season in life? A time where everything seemed to be going wrong and you didn’t know what God was up to? Read more

What Baby Names are Australian Parents Choosing this Year?

By: McCrindle

Each year, the states and territories around Australia reveal the top names given to babies in the previous year. Read more

Mother’s Day: The Most Important Thing a Father Can Do Is…

By: Robert Garrett

‘The most important thing a father can do for his children is…’ How would you finish this sentence? Perhaps you might say, ‘to give them a quality education’, ‘to set them up financially’, ‘to introduce them to as many extra-curricular activities as possible (sport/music/arts etc.) or maybe ‘to provide them with a good moral compass’. Read more

What on Earth is the Enneagram?

By: Yvette Cherry

Sometimes this thing happens in my life where I learn a new word or concept, hear about a new person, or restaurant or book, and then suddenly, I’m seeing that thing everywhere. Read more

How in God’s Name Should I Vote? Podcast Now Available

By: Andrew Morris

We Australians can be a funny bunch – when it comes to politics we’re often more interested in the quality of our democracy sausage than the quality of our democracy.
Read more

Should We Be Giving Our Teens Alcohol?

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Many parents believe they are doing the right thing by giving their teenagers alcohol. And it does make some sense. Serving alcohol to our children in our homes is completely logical from our ‘grown-up’ perspective. Read more

Pastor’s Death Penalty Vow to Bali Nine

By: Timothy Charles

A pastor’s vow to a prisoner facing execution to speak out against the death penalty is dramatised in the short film ‘Execution Island’. Read more