He Is Close to the Broken Hearted

By: Sabrina Peters

I’m so glad “comforter” isn’t His title, but His nature. When darkness seems to hide his face. I rest on His unchanging grace. Here are some incredible verses to encourage you. Praying for all those suffering and struggling. May His grace be real, tangible and with you right now! Read more

The ‘Gift’ of COVID

By: Robert Garrett

I was recently talking to the Head of Human Resources for a large organisation about their corporate strategy. During our chat she said something that caught my attention, “to be honest, COVID has been a gift”. It was an odd phrase in light of the current state of the planet – over 315,000 deaths globally (at the time of writing) and a significant rise in unemployment and financial devastation. Read more

Lamb Curry Winter Warmer Recipe

By: Susan Joy

During the cooler weather we look for warm comforting meals to nourish our families. The aromatic spices that flavour this delicious lamb curry, also make your house smell amazing and get those saliva glands working, ready to digest your healthy meal. Read more

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tribute to the Late Ravi Zacharias — “A Superb and Gracious Mind”

By: Hope 103.2

It may well be that not many Australians have heard of Ravi Zacharias, the Indian-born America-living Christian apologist. However, those who have would know him as a man who had a superb and gracious mind and who had helped an extraordinary number of people — including countless Australians — ‘find’ themselves. Read more

Men: It’s Okay If You’re Struggling With Isolation. These Tips Will Help You

By: Laura Bennett

Having our normal lives disrupted affects us all – but everyone is experiencing isolation in different ways, with different pressure points between men and women, young and old. Read more

3 Essentials for an Age of Complexity

By: Michael McQueen

In the world we are living in, it seems that by the day, information becomes more and more convoluted and issues become more and more complex. Read more

Young & Free on Worship in Lockdown, and Their New Singles

By: Laura Bennett

In a time where thousands of voices are vying for our attention, Hillsong youth band Young & Free are cutting through the noise to draw people to God with their new singles Best Friends and Never Have I Ever. Read more

Hope Even in a Pandemic

By: Amanda Schlichthorn

It is difficult to escape the reality we are living in right now. Many of us are quarantined in our homes and everything about life now looks different. Read more

Creamy Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

By: Susan Joy

A delightfully rich and creamy chicken version of Mulligatawny soup. This main meal soup is more like a delicious curried chicken stew, serve with my Garlic and Coriander Flat Bread. Read more