Are You Paving The Cattle Track?

By: Michael McQueen

“Only those committed to the risk and promise of uncharted waters will thrive.”[1]
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Mr March – Are All Dads That Perfect?

By: Movies Change People

We recently had Father’s Day, and it’s a pretty fun day, according to all the TV ads, with BBQs, toolboxes and camping gear as gifts, and maybe a day out-of-doors in the perfect Spring weather.
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WATCH: The Small Thing You Can Do To Help Prevent A Suicide

By: Akos Balogh

This week we had  World Suicide Prevention Day: a day to raise awareness of this unspeakable tragedy. Read more

R U OK Day – Having the conversation and what to do if the answer is ‘no’.

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Alex* was a popular kid. He seemed OK. He was good at sports, doing fine at school, and came from an affluent, strong family.

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Watching ‘A Dog’s Journey’, You Do Wonder Who These Movies Are For

By: Laura Bennett

Based on the books by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Journey follows on from the 2017 release A Dog’s Purpose. We’re reintroduced to Bailey, a beautiful pup who’s learning to discover his purpose over a series of lifetimes with different owners.
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God uses Operation Christmas Child to Launch Mongolian Churches

By: Timothy Charles

Your shoebox gift can have an incredible impact on a community overseas.
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If Only You Knew

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Other people often put barriers between you and Jesus that aren’t barriers at all. They can be moral barriers, gender barriers, ethnic barriers, religious barriers, time barriers: all kinds of barriers.

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Tabora Mission Brings Unity and Religious Clarity to Bustling Tanzanian City

By: Laura Bennett

The city of Tabora has a rich cultural and religious history. With access to major cities in bordering countries, its railway hub saw it hotly fought over during WWII.
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The 11 Dad Joke Styles, According to ‘How-To-Dad’ Jordan Watson

By: Clare Bruce

How To Dad’s Jordan Watson has nailed the majority of our fathers’ joke-telling styles, in his video, How to Tell Jokes Like a Dad.
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Aussies Are Earning Less and Living at Home Longer

By: McCrindle

Australia’s population is experiencing unprecedented growth, now sitting at a population of 25.4 million. Some of the implications of this population growth are seen in this latest data release from HILDA. It reveals that Australians are experiencing greater stresses due to flat wages growth and increasing house prices.
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