Teaching Our Kids to Be Thankful in Everything

By: Annette Spurr

Last school holidays were like none other for many parents around the world. Camping trips and day trips were cancelled, playdates were off, and there wasn’t even sport on TV! Read more

Home Will Be the Hero: Creating a Safe Place for Our Tweens and Teens

By: Michelle Mitchell

The feeling of packing your bags up and heading home is always bittersweet, especially if it wasn’t in the original plan. Read more

Australians Prepare to Mark Anzac Day On Their Driveways at 6am

By: Clare Bruce

Above: (L) Kelly Wall in Landsborough, QLD, paints her wheelie bin ahead of Saturday (Photo: Facebook)

Australians in their thousands are preparing to mark Anzac Day from their driveways on Saturday, after the cancellation of all public Anzac gatherings due to coronavirus restrictions. Read more

Banjo Paterson’s Forgotten ANZAC Role: One of the Least-Known Parts of His Life

By: Annie Hamilton

Main image: Australian bush poet A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson. Inset: Light Horseman Private Richard Harwell Bryant on his waler, the kind of horse broken in and trained by Banjo Paterson. Bryant died aged only 38 while serving in Beirut, Syria, 1918. Photo: Australian War Memorial. All photos: Public Domain

Those tough Aussie horses, broken in and trained for the exact task before them, struggled in the soft, burning Middle Eastern sand, their fetlocks sinking deep in the desert hills. Read more

What Seeing Jesus Tomb Taught Me About His Resurrection

By: Laura Bennett

Last year I returned from 18 days in Israel and Jordan. Together with my family we toured biblical sites, and immersed ourselves in the complicated history of the nations’ cultural significance.
Read more

6 Fun Things You Can Still Do This Easter Weekend

By: Christine Addis

My family and I have developed some traditions over the years that have become part of normal life in the Addis household and one of those traditions has been to organise a treasure hunt at Easter with the “treasure” being Easter eggs. Read more

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

By: Berni Dymet

Good Friday. Gee – you read the historical account – doesn’t seem that good. So – was there anything good about Good Friday? Read more

Your Long Weekend Easter Movies With ACCTV


Staying safe at home this Easter long weekend will be a piece of cake (or is that a piece of chocolate!), with a wonderful variety of Easter movies and programs for the whole family on ACCTV and ACCTV Now.  Check out the line-up. Read more

Church Teams Allowed to Meet Next Weekend, to Conduct Full Easter Services by Live Streaming

By: Clare Bruce

Churches will be allowed to conduct the Easter services they’re accustomed to next weekend, complete with musicians, worship teams and those in other ministry roles—but worshippers will still have to stay home and watch the services by live-streaming. Read more

The Tomb Is Far Emptier than the Shelves Will Ever Be

By: Stephen McAlpine

It’s coming up to Easter.

Bet you didn’t think Lent 2020 was going to take that much away from you did you? I was hoping people would be giving up oats, baked beans, minced meat and pasta. Read more