I See You… Miracles Day through the Eyes of Radio Listener Lyn Wake

By: Lyn Wake

Like many Australians, I have always loved travelling, and experiencing the unique sights, sounds and flavours that accompany exploring a new country. Read more

Queen Elizabeth ll – Longest serving English monarch

By: Graham McDonald

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II had two ceremonies to mark the beginning of her public office? The first was her coronation as Queen but the second was her ‘coronation’ as God’s servant. In this second untelevised ceremony, the Queen stood dressed in a simple white dress, devoid of decoration. Read more

Five Simple Ways to Inject Gratitude into Your Daily Schedule

By: Michelle Mitchell

“I need some advice. My daughter is turning 16 next month. She’s a really good kid. She’s funny and smart and talented and she makes good choices. However, she is a complainer. Read more

Mother’s Day: The Most Important Thing a Father Can Do Is…

By: Robert Garrett

‘The most important thing a father can do for his children is…’ How would you finish this sentence? Perhaps you might say, ‘to give them a quality education’, ‘to set them up financially’, ‘to introduce them to as many extra-curricular activities as possible (sport/music/arts etc.) or maybe ‘to provide them with a good moral compass’. Read more

Banjo Paterson’s Role as an ANZAC: One of the Least Known Parts of His Life

By: Annie Hamilton

‘Banjo’ Paterson is immortalised on our ten dollar note. His role in the Anzac battalions is one of the least-known parts of his life. It has slipped to obscurity, perhaps because—mysteriously—he never wrote a poem about the great Walers he worked so hard to train. Or if he did, none have survived. Read more

Can You Believe It? Australian Christian Channel Turns 20 This Easter

By: Clare Bruce

This Easter weekend, as the folks at Australian Christian Channel remember Christ’s death and resurrection, they’ll also have a little extra to celebrate: their 20th birthday. Read more

City Crowds Witness a Bold Easter Message from Wesley Mission

Above: Members of Wesley Mission Church in Sydney – including William Lemalu dressed as Jesus – celebrate Palm Sunday in Circular Quay. Images: Wesley Mission / Facebook.

By: Clare Bruce

People wandering through Sydney’s Circular Quay couldn’t help but hear the message of Jesus on Sunday afternoon, as the people of Sydney’s Wesley Mission churches enacted Jesus Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem – in celebration of Palm Sunday. Read more

Share Your Easter Story

By: James Stinson

Have you ever struggled to share your own testimony? Well, Easter is the perfect time to start! Read more

Why It’s Great to Be Irish on St Patrick’s Day

By: Sam Chan

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. But even if we’re not Irish, we can pretend to be Irish on St Patrick’s Day by having a good time and sharing a drink. Read more

Franklin Graham Tour Brings 59,000 Australians Together – And Counting

Above: Young people pour out their hearts in worship and prayer at a packed Melbourne Arena on Saturday, February 16. Image: Facebook / Franklin Graham  

By: Clare Bruce

It’s the roar of a packed stadium bursting with joy, as hundreds of people respond to God’s love and make decisions to follow Jesus. Read more