Glass Onions: A Knives Out Mystery

By: Reel Dialogue

Knives Out and Daniel Craig as master detective Benoit Blanc was a revelation in 2019 and proved to be one of the best films of that year. Read more

‘Till’ Tells an Important Story That is Timeless

By: Russ Matthews

Within any movement, some names and events define that portion of history. Read more

‘Sharper’ A Clever Psychological Thriller

By: Reel Dialogue

In this new world of cinematic releases, audiences must stay aware of where some of the best productions are being accessed. Read more

“When We Last Spoke” – New to GOOD

By: Sharon Fitness

New to family friendly streaming service GOOD this month is the heart-warming, nostalgic family drama When We Last Spoke.

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The Word Becomes Film – Book Review

By: Lorrene McClymont

The Word Becomes Film, written by Russ Matthews is a modern-day parable, perfectly crafted to introduce the reader to an incredibly easy way of speaking to others about God.

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Fighting Feelings and the Past Come Head-to-Head in ‘Creed III’

By: Laura Bennett

Since the first Creed movie came out their links to the original Rocky franchise that inspired the spinoffs have started to thin, but there’s still something about an underdog’s fight to get to the top (and the training montages that come with it) that keeps us coming back to the story of Adonis Creed. Read more

‘Aftersun’ is a Film That Sneaks Up On You [Movie Review]

By: Michael Walsh

Occasionally, a small independent film comes along and steadily builds in acclaim and prestige. Read more

Meet the Philanthropologists on TV’s ‘The Good Road’ [Review]

By: Sharon Fitness

Ever wondered how NGOs and charities navigate the varied mix of culture, politics, religion and history in the communities in which they serve? Read more

In a Culture That Questions Male Friendship, ‘Close’ is a Cautionary Tale

By: Reel Dialogue

As the awards season closes, many international films getting recognition are getting their moment in the spotlight. Read more

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

By: Reel Dialogue

After four phases of films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now set to launch into Phase Five. Read more