39 Great Novels

By: Yvette Cherry

Here’s a list of novels I’ve enjoyed over the years. Not all of them are new, but they’re all compelling reads. This list is in random order.
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‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ – A Truly Modern Rom-Com

By: Laura Bennett

Love is a wondrous thing, but sometimes it can be soul-crushing. In the quest for love and to find that special someone, you’re invariably going to meet some duds and undoubtedly have your heart broken. The good thing is, as we see in The Broken Hearts Gallery, you’re not alone in your pain. Read more

‘Trolls: World Tour’ is the Feel-Good-Glitter-Hype Your Family Needs this Year

By: Laura Bennett

If you weren’t on a hyperactive sugar high before watching Trolls: World Tour, you’ll certainly feel like you’re immersed in one afterwards. Read more

David Attenborough Calls His New Documentary His ‘Witness Statement’ To The World

By: Laura Bennett

At 93, Sir David Attenborough has seen some stuff. Much of his life has been spent in the wild, as a broadcaster and natural historian, taking us into the worlds of some of the most extraordinary creatures – from leopards, to gorillas and whales. Read more

Diana Ross’ Daughter in ‘The High Note’ – A Story About Risks and Reinvention

By: Laura Bennett

Tales of trying to achieve your dreams and living in LA or NYC go hand-in-hand in many movies. But, where other films are about personal achievement and reputation, The High Note is about growth and standing your ground. Read more

‘Enola Holmes’ – The Female-Led Mystery For the Whole Family

By: Laura Bennett

We’re really spoiled for choice in the arena of online entertainment but, even so, it can be hard to find something to watch that’s enjoyable, thoughtful and accessible for the whole family — enter, Enola Holmes. Read more

‘The Secret Garden’ — A Place to Heal Together, In a Year of Being Forced Apart

By: Laura Bennett

The Secret Garden is one of those movies that is both beautiful and tragic. Read more

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Spotlights a Servant’s Heart and Sacrificial Love

By: Laura Bennett

This year has been a historical one for cinema, including Disney’s long-awaited live-action remake of Mulan – releasing on its streaming platform on Friday 4th September. Read more

The Artist Spotlight With Josh Baldwin

By: Rhema 99.7

In the Artist Spotlight, singer, songwriter and worship pastor Josh Baldwin talks about his latest album Live At Church. Read more

Inception Meets Batman, Bond Meets Matrix – in Christopher Nolan’s Mind Bender, ‘Tenet’

By: Laura Bennett

After Christopher Nolan releases a movie, I’m sure he spends his weekends reading all the reviews, laughing at pundits and poor reviewers like me trying to decipher his latest masterpiece. Read more