Artist Spotlight with Chad Mattson from ‘Unspoken’

By: Rhema 99.7

In this interview, Chad Mattson from the band Unspoken chats about his faith journey,  how the band formed and the meaning behind some of the band’s songs. Unspoken is an American contemporary Christian band composed of Chad Mattson, Jon Lowry, and Ariel Munoz & recently, new member Ryan Babin. Read more

Negative Response to a Viral Celebrity Cover of John’s Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, Highlights Our Desire to Be Truly Understood

By: Sam Chan

Recently, Gal Gadot and her celebrity friends got together to sing a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It was a well-intentioned gesture to do something nice. Something to help us get through the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

The HOPE at HOME Online Film Festival Offers Hope in Your Inbox!

By: Movies Change People

So we’re all stuck at home, and some of us are feeling a bit scared. But the truth is, THERE IS HOPE. And what better way to remember that than to get an injection of HOPE in the form of great movies and content, every week for 10 weeks? Read more

We Aren’t Perfect, But That’s Okay: ‘We Are Messengers’

By: Laura Bennett

Truth in music is often hard-won. We Are Messengers can only write and sing such uplifting, anthemic, spiritual songs, full of declarations about sin, forgiveness, and mental health—because they’ve each wrestled with these things. Read more

Jeremy Camp’s Story of Faith Amid Heartbreak and Tragedy

Above: Jeremy Camp

By: Laura Bennett

When you fall in love and say “I do”, you believe it’s going to last forever. Read more

Dear World / The Hunting

By: Yvette Cherry

Dear World,

I’ve been watching a lot of television lately. Tired, I guess. Read more

‘Unstoppable’: The ‘Soul Surfer’ Bethany Hamilton’s New Documentary

By: Laura Bennett

In 2003 pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton made headlines around the world. At just 13 years of age, the up-and-coming surfer was attacked by a 5m long Great White shark, which took her left arm and left her career in the ocean, in doubt. Read more

Big Hair Days – Heritage Christian Artists Still Top Charts

By: David Maegraith

Christian acts have often sung about roads and journeys. Read more

Harrison Ford Taps Into His Vulnerable Side, in ‘Call of the Wild’

By: Laura Bennett

Dogs, men and the mountains are a winning combination for adventure stories about rekindling our wild spirit, and the silent power of friendship. Read more

The Raw Emotion You Hear in Lauren Daigle’s ‘Rescue’ – is Personal

By: Clare Bruce

When Lauren Daigle sat down to write her hit ballad Rescue, she had in mind a loved one who was struggling with life – making it one of the most personal songs she’s ever recorded. Read more