stan walker

Winning the Fight With a Family Curse: Stan Walker’s Greatest Battle Yet

By: Clare Bruce

Above: Photo by Alex King Photography

A battle with cancer, an encounter with God, dramatic weight loss, and grappling with his purpose on the earth—Stan Walker has faced it all in the last couple of years. Read more

god's not dead 3

God’s Not Dead 3 – Should the Church Still Have a Place in My Community?

By: Laura Bennett

Even if the numbers of people who call themselves ‘Christian’ has fluctuated in Australia over the years, there’s a lot about our nation that finds its origin in the faith. Our settlement represents a complex time in history, but part of what the Europeans brought with them, was their Christianity. Read more

Avengers: Infinity War When Our Heroes Fail Us

By Laura Bennett

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you. What I will say though, the latest film from Marvel has some twists. Read more

a quiet place

Silent, Scary, Deep: ‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

By: Laura Bennett

When the new movie ‘A Quiet Place’ first came across my radar, it was billed as a horror – but “one I should definitely see because John Krasinski (The Office) directed it.” Read more

isle of dogs

Isle of Dogs: Hilarious, Intriguing, Heart-Warming, Animated Fun

By: Clare Bruce

It’s strange, it’s heart-warming, it’s hilarious, it’s surprising—and it’s for the whole family. Read more

ready player one

Sci Fi Flick ‘Ready Player One’ is Uncomfortably Close to the Truth

By: Laura Bennett

Humans escaping the real world in favour of a digital alternative: sound familiar? Read more

Paul, apostle of christ

Movie Review: Paul, Apostle of Christ

By: Adam Niven

No doubt at some point in your Christian journey you’ve asked yourself how you would respond in the face of severe persecution. Read more

J.Michael Finley

What You Didn’t Know About ‘I Can Only Imagine’s’ Lead Actor, J.Michael Finley

By: Laura Bennett

With pop music at our disposal 24/7, it’s easy forget that behind every great song is a great story. Inspired by the death of his father, Mercy Me lead singer Bart Millard wrote ‘I Can Only Imagine’ to process what he’d seen happen to his Dad, and what it would be like to stand in heaven before God. Read more

I can only imagine

If You’re a Fan of Mercy Me, Go See This Movie – and Take the Tissues

By: Clare Bruce

It’s become Mercy Me’s best known song, but until now, few people knew the full, heartbreaking story behind I Can Only Imagine. Read more

black panther

What Black Panther Says About Humans Will Shock You

By: Sam Chan

Black Panther is the latest instalment in the Marvel franchise. Scoring 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is the #1 movie at the box office right now. But what makes this movie so special? Read more