How to Deal With Your Inner Ageist

By: Caroline Spencer 

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of blepharoplasty. Read more

Faith Isn’t a Free Pass from Anxiety, But It’s the Road to Hope

By: Laura Bennett

Whether you’re a follower of Jesus or not, mental health issues can affect us all. Read more

Leaning In To Difference: Zoomers and the Future of the Church

By: Stephen McAlpine

When my son was learning to ride a skateboard we would go down the skate park for what seemed like endless hours, and he would stand at the top of the ramp and try to ‘drop in’. Read more

When Your Footy Team is Awful

By: Andrew Laird

My footy team is having an absolutely awful season.  Read more

2 Easy Ways To Talk About God’s Character

By: yesHeis

When presented with an opportunity to talk about God, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. What do I tell them? Where should I start? How do I squeeze in so much info in such a short amount of time?
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Russell Brand, Gaza Protests & Super AI: The Search for Transcendence

By: Akos Balogh

Whether secular or religious, every human being is wired for worship. Read more

You’re Not Alone

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

Loneliness is an epidemic that ravages lives everywhere as surely as any epidemic. But when you feel the dark pit of loneliness in your heart, listen to the word of truth: You’re not alone. Read more

How to Share the Gospel in a Way That People Can’t Argue

By: yesHEis

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to talk about Jesus but you don’t know what to say, just remember you have a story. Read more