He Is Close to the Broken Hearted

By: Sabrina Peters

I’m so glad “comforter” isn’t His title, but His nature. When darkness seems to hide his face. I rest on His unchanging grace. Here are some incredible verses to encourage you. Praying for all those suffering and struggling. May His grace be real, tangible and with you right now! Read more

Hope Even in a Pandemic

By: Amanda Schlichthorn

It is difficult to escape the reality we are living in right now. Many of us are quarantined in our homes and everything about life now looks different. Read more

John Lennox: “Can the Coronavirus Be Reconciled With the Existence of a Loving God?”

By: John Lennox

If there is a creator God, he is by definition ultimately responsible for the existence of viruses. Read more

The Forgetfulness of God

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

When people think about God, they tend to think about a being who can do everything. But did you know that there is one thing that God can never, ever do? Read more

We Got What We Prayed For: Important Lessons the Western Church is Learning in Lockdown

By: Laura Bennett

Attending church online has become a norm for many congregations in this pandemic. Linking in with people from your own church as well as others around the globe, as you enjoy a coffee in your lounge room, has become standard Sunday fare. Read more

Do You Know the Coca-Cola Story and the Christian Connection?

By: Graham McDonald

The flowing copperplate script with red and white colours is a logo that is recognisable around the world. Its success is due to Asa Candler, whose primary motivation in all he attempted was to be faithful to God through his stewardship. Read more

What We Mean When We Say God is in Control During a Pandemic

By: Tania Harris

God is in control. It’s a phrase we often hear in a crisis such as this. We tend to use it as a comforting slogan whenever something goes wrong. “God is in control” we say, when someone dies; when we lose our job; when our health fails. Read more

Good News in A Pandemic of Failed Plans

By: Tania Harris

What plans have you had cancelled due to the coronavirus? My plans for the next four months have been completely wiped out. Read more

How Can God Be Real When the World Is so Messed Up?

By: City Bible Forum

At a young age Dan Paterson was faced with the brokenness of this world and it prompted a life journey exploring some of the biggest and most painful questions of life. Hear Dan’s story and inspiring reflections on one of the biggest challenges of the human experience. Read more

The History of Revival

By: yesHeis

What does it mean to make history? Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Pelé, Mother Teresa, and Albert Einstein are all names which are instantly recognisable to many of us.
Read more