Cannibals, Kanakas & Florence Young

By: Graham McDonald

Our History and the Christian Connection

The Queensland Kanaka Mission had received a request for help from a place where cannibalism is very much alive. Who would be willing to go and maybe risk their life to help tell the cannibals about the love of God? Read more

God “Told” Him to Quit his Job and He went Bankrupt: Why You Need the Church to Hear God’s voice

By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

You don’t need to be in church to hear God’s voice. The beauty of the new Covenant is that the Spirit of God can speak to us wherever we go!

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Listen For the Voice that Can Only Be Heard in Stillness

By: Sheridan Voysey

Stop. Breathe. Interrupt the rush. There is deep meaning to be found in our everyday lives, but we won’t find it if we don’t pause to reflect, listening for the Voice that can only be heard in stillness. Read more

Radical Obedience

By: Susan Browning

It started in the whisper. A small quiet secret thought in my mind… “what if…?” And then I spoke it out aloud giving wings on the wind of my voice… my soul came alive. This is what I’ve always wanted. but…
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If God Said it, Will it Always Happen?

By: Tania Harris

If you’ve ever heard God speak about your future, you’ve likely asked the question: If God said it, will it happen? The question inevitably comes when our circumstances reverse or nothing seems to be happening. Then the doubts begin to surface. Read more

I Have Been Ignited — Ivan’s Story

By: yesHeis

Ivan Kabul is recognised by many in Indonesia as an entrepreneur and health influencer. He has a desire to develop young people and make an impact in the sphere of education.
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God Longs to Be Your Father Today

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

I don’t remember being in my parents’ arms because I was too little. However, I know that they carried me in their arms, because I have the photos to prove it. That was when I was a very tiny baby. Read more

[WATCH] Virtual Choir Sings ‘Behold Our God’

By: Akos Balogh

Staff and Students from University Christian groups across Australia joined together in a virtual choir to sing the uplifting song, ‘Behold Our God’. Read more

How Daring Is Your Faith?

By: Neri Morris

That famous story where Peter gets out of the boat and walks on water towards Jesus was my story for over a year in 2016. The journey began late one night when, just as I was falling asleep, the Lord revealed to me the theme for the conference I was planning. Read more

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

By: Sheridan Voysey

Five hundred years ago the Renaissance brought an explosion of art, science, geographical discovery and religious ideas into the world. What would it take to see a new renaissance (rebirth) of wisdom, creativity, community and faith in this coming decade? Read more