Survey Reveals Youth’s Biggest Worry

By: Mike Crooks

Australia’s youth are most worried about the environment, equality and mental health, according to a new survey. Read more

New Australian Centre Focusing on Women’s Mental Health

By: Amy Cheng

Depression during menopause and debilitating periods are some of the mental health problems unique to women and their hormones and biology, but not a lot is known about them. Read more

The Wiggles and World Vision Team Up for New Song ‘Around the World’

By: Laura Bennett

To say 2022 has been a tough year for aid workers around the world would be an understatement. Read more

8 Billion and Counting: “Everyone’s Living Longer”

By: Mike Crooks

The United Nations calls it “a milestone in human development”. Read more

‘Cyberwarfare’ and the Role of Big Tech in Modern War

By: Kristian Johnson

“Those in the West – we’re not the only good people on earth – but we have a moral foundation and a philosophical, and even a theological framework, that understands notion of good.” ~ International security expert, Klon Kitchen

Read more

Federal Budget 22-23: “Hard Days to Come”

By: Mike Crooks

Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers has called it a “family friendly” and “bread and butter” budget that will ease cost-of-living pressures. Read more

“Koalas Are in Trouble” But You Can Help Protect Them

By: Amy Cheng

Dr Kara Youngentob, a wildlife ecologist at the Australian National University, believes it’s important to protect koalas as they play an important role in a healthy Australian forest ecosystem. Read more

Debunking the Myth of ‘Mind Over Matter’

By: Michael McQueen

We all like to believe we put our mind over matter. Overall, we are rational agents with free will who have control over our bodies, impulses and sensations. Read more

Are You Doing Too Much On Your Holidays? One Psychologist Says “Yes”

By: Amy Cheng

Holidays that are packed with a lot of adventure are not giving us the rest we need, a psychologist has said. Read more

The Metaverse Has Arrived – Here are 4 Places It Will Take Us

By: Michael McQueen

We are already seeing the metaverse transform things. All the way from work to play, this immersive and interactive version of the internet is engaging users across every field of life. Read more