Workers Wanted: Job Ads on the Rise in the Wake of COVID

By: Michael Crooks

While the rest of the world still suffers the economic ravages of the pandemic, in Australia, job vacancies are on the up. Read more

Remembering Port Arthur: A Church’s Touching Tribute

By: Michael Crooks

At St Peter’s Eastern Hill Anglican Church in Melbourne on April 28, the bell tolled 35 times, marking a tragedy that continues to haunt a nation. Read more

In a COVID World, Do I Still Need a Regular Flu Jab?

By: Laura Bennett

Ordinarily at this time of year, cases of seasonal influenza are beginning to pop up and people are deciding whether or not to get the current flu vaccine. Although, with COVID dominating much of the headlines, it seems this time round many of us are disinterested in protecting ourselves against the more common flu virus. Read more

Remembering His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

By: Amy Cheng

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 99, Buckingham Palace has said. Read more

Inside the Bubble: How Trans-Tasman Travel Will Work

By: Michael Crooks

International travel has returned to Australia. Well, to only one country, but that’s not a bad start for a world still in the grip of a pandemic. Read more

Counting Down to Census 2021

By: McCrindle

More than 5,800 years after the world’s first ever census, the 2021 Australian Census is just under 200 days away. Read more

Aussies Open to Spiritual Conversations

By: Kim Wilkinson

New study finds that 4 in 5 Australians, particularly young people, are open to talking about spiritual topics, including views that are different from their own. Read more

Positive Economic Outlook for Australia in 2021

By: McCrindle

While 2020 began with hope and optimism for a new year and decade, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly took hold of the world, and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions having many personal impacts for people, but also on the economy. Despite a tough year in 2020, economists are positive about Australia’s recovery over the coming years.

Read more

Palm Sunday Attack on Indonesian Church

Fourteen people have been injured, and a suicide bomber killed, in a terrorist attack on a Catholic church in South Sulawesi, just after their Palm Sunday mass. Read more

In a COVID World: Telehealth is Improving the Way Patients Are Cared for by Doctors

By: Amy Cheng

Telehealth has made it easier for patients to book medical follow-up appointments, which is particularly important for people with chronic diseases. Read more