Can We Ever Find True Equality?

By: Robert Martin, God in 60 Seconds

Can we ever find true equality? Observing the world around us we clearly aren’t equal. People have different abilities, different incomes, different looks, different opportunities. Read more

Saving Face is a Necessary Art – Even When the Face Isn’t Yours

By: Michael McQueen

The human instinct to avoid social humiliation is deep. Psychologists point to shame as being one of the deepest fears held nearly universally by human beings, coming close to the fear of death. Read more

We Can Change Lives Just By Seeing Others Better

By: Brian Harris

Have you ever felt invisible? If it’s especially bad, people don’t notice you at all, if a softer version, they sort of see you, but have placed you in an inaccurate and limiting box. Read more

Tinder Mercy or Tender Prey? A Reflection on Tinder’s 10th Birthday

By: Aaron Johnstone

I’ve been a Nick Cave fan for all of my adult life. The man once described as ‘a vaguely psychotic drunken screwed-up* drug addict, deceiving himself with vain delusions of glory’ …has always had a special place in my music collection and medial orbital frontal cortex (apparently the part of the brain responsible for appreciating beauty…). Read more

Try a Little Kindness – The Results Can Be Surprising

By: Sharon Fitness

So… I made a boy in Optus cry today. But not in the way you might think. Read more

Dustin Nickerson Counters Unhelpful Marriage Advice with Comedy

By: Laura Bennett

If you’re on the brink of marriage or just trying to prepare yourself for the “one day, someday” of getting engaged, there’s a plethora of books, courses, devotionals and relational aids that promise you the insights you need before making such a commitment. Read more

Friends and Why We Need Them

By: God in 60 Seconds

There is a reason we love television shows and movies that focus on a group of friends. Read more

How to Handle Rejection

By: Dr Eliezer Gonzalez

To get through life, it’s important to learn how to handle rejection. It’s hard to face rejection, but we’ve all been rejected, and we’re all going to be rejected in the future. Read more

Living with Involuntary Childlessness

By: Amy Cheng

When Sarah was in her 30s, she and her husband began trying for children; they began trying naturally but were unsuccessful, so they began fertility treatments. Read more

‘Momentum’ Building as Podcast Helps Men Do Life Better

By: Jess Drummond

Momentum is a radio show and a podcast designed to encourage and support men and help them to “do life better”.

Read more